Road to Worlds documents the journeys of League of Legends pros

League of Legends

The final of League of Legend’s 2014 World Championships is little over a month away. It’s unlikely that – given that the arena in Seoul is expected to sell out – you’ll get to see it in person, so you’ll probably just have to enjoy the streams. 

Starting today, you can also follow some of the pro players as they work to earn their spot in the championships. The first episode of the Road to Worlds documentary is available already, and you can take a gander below. 

The documentary follows players such as Fnatic’s xPeke and YellOwStar and Cloud 9’s Hai, and looks at how the challenge has affected them and their families, showing what it takes to get to the top of professional eSports.

“In some cases it took a little while to convince the pros that we really wanted to know about their personal and emotional stories rather than just their more game-specific thoughts and memories,” said director Daniel Stolzman. “But once they understood what we were after, we actually found the players to be extremely candid and heartfelt. This is a group of insanely driven guys who want to excel at anything they do.”

The subsequent episodes will drop on September 12th and 15th, so keep an eye out for them if this has tickled your fancy.