Arcane making of series reveals of how the LoL show came to be

An Arcane making of series is coming to YouTube, and it promises to pull back the production curtain on the acclaimed League of Legends adaptation

Jinx from Arcane wearing goggles

The Netflix League of Legends TV show Arcane is getting a ‘making of’ documentary, and it’ll give fans something to feast on before season 2 arrives. Dubbed ‘Bridging the Rift’, the five-part mini-series pulls back the curtain on the critically acclaimed adaptation while promising to explore “how Arcane came to be.”

Riot Games says Arcane: Bridging the Rift will release on YouTube every Thursday starting August 4. A Twitter teaser for the making of documentary includes the line “Every legend has a beginning, and it’s not always where one would expect,” suggesting fans could be in for a few insightful surprises.

Making its debut in November last year, Arcane follows the story of sisters Jinx and Vi, two popular League of Legends champions that find themselves on opposite sides of conflict. Season 1 received praise among critics for its unique animation, story, and voice acting, with a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating hammering home its acclaimed status. We also reckon it’s one of the best videogame TV adaptions ever made, standing on its own merit rather than relying on existing lore.

Arcane Season 2 hasn’t got an official release date, but there’s a chance we’ll get an ETA during Netflix’s Geeked Week. The event is set to showcase the streaming service’s gaming-related content this Friday (June 10), so it might not be long before we get to return to the city of Piltover.