League of Legends patch 12.12 notes – Bel’Veth nerf, Snow Moon skins

The latest League of Legends patch notes for update 12.12 feature new champion skins, including Ashen Knight and Snow Moon skins, and a lot of Champion changes

Ashen Knight Pantheon leads the League of Legends 12.12 patch notes

The League of Legends patch 12.12 notes are now available for the live update. Following the former LoL patch 12.11, thanks to the new update we now know what Riot Games is bringing to its popular MOBA game next – and it’s filled with skins and a lot of champion changes.

After the introduction in LoL update 12.11 of the brand new champion Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void it seemed Riot Games was going a little easier with patch 12.12, but that was apparently incorrect. Bel’Veth has received a nerf, and many other champions have received changes.

Despite the last update appropriately featuring a number of appropriate summer-themed skins for several characters, 12.12 adds ice-themed skins for Caitlyn, Illaoi, and Kayn, which all add new visual effects, sound effects, and animations. Still in the world of skins, we’ve also got a new Ashen Knight variation for Pantheon – the first new one in this series since patch 12.6.

And now, here are the League of Legends patch 12.12 notes (thanks, Surrender at 20!).


According to the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule, the League of Legends patch 12.12 release date is set for Thursday, June 23, 2022.

Maintenance times haven’t yet been confirmed, but usually begin at 3am PT for NA servers, 5am UK time for EUW servers, and 3am CET for EUNE servers, and last for approximately three hours, so expect downtime to start sometime around then.


Amumu – Buffed

“Amumu support has all but disappeared after the heavy nerfs to his mana costs last season. We’re reverting those and giving his ult more early power to help him find some friends in bot lane again.”

  • Bandage Toss (Q) – mana cost decreased to 30/35/40/45/50 from 70
  • Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) – damage increased to 200/300/400 (+80% AP) from 150/250/350 (+80% AP)

Annie – Buffed

“Annie’s burst builds have fallen off since the Durability Update, especially at higher levels of play. We’re making her combos a little more fire and giving Tibbers his own CDU (Cuddly Durability Update).”

  • Disintegrate (Q) – damage increased to 80/115/150/185/220 (+80% AP) from +75% AP
  • Summon: Tibbers (R) – Base Health increased to 1300/2200/3100 from 1200/2100/3000, Base Armor and Magic Resistance decreased to 30/60/90 from 30/50/70

Bel’Veth – Nerfed

“The Empress of the Void is reigning with a bit too much terror in lower and average skill brackets. These nerfs should reduce her strength in lower levels of play to a more stable win rate across the board. A few visual updates have also been made to Bel’Veth’s true form based on player feedback!”

  • Basic Attack Range – increased to 175 from 125
  • Health Regeneration – decreased to 6 from 8.5
  • Health Regeneration Growth – decreased to 0.6 from 0.85
  • Health Regeneration at Level 18 – decreased to 16.2 from 22.95
  • Death in Lavender (Passive)
    • Bonus Attack Speed per Lavender Stack decreased to 0.28-1% (levels 1-13) from 0.25-1.25% (levels 1-18)
    • Bel’Veth now gains 1 Lavender stack per large minion
  • Royal Maelstrom (E)
    • Minimum Damage per Hit decreased to 8/10/12/14/16 (+6% AD) from 8/11/14/17/20 (+6% AD)
    • Life Steal decreased to 20/21.5/23/24.5/26% from 20/22/24/26/28%
  • Endless Banquet (R)
    • Explosion Damage Based on Target’s Missing Health decreased from 25/30/35% to 25% at all ranks
    • Bonus Attack Range decreased from 50/75/100 to 50 at all ranks
    • Void Remora Health changed from 70% to 50/60/70% of minion’s maximum health

Blitzcrank – Buffed

“Blitzcrank’s engage capabilities have gathered some rust since the Durability Update. We’re making his hooks hurt more so they feel as rewarding to land as they should.”

  • Rocket Grab (Q) – damaged increased to 105/155/205/255/305 (+120% AP) from 90/140/190/240/290 (+120% AP)
  • Static Field (R) – Detonation Damage increased to 275/400/525 (+100% AP) from 250/375/500 (+100% AP)

Dr. Mundo – Nerfed

“Mundo’s malpractice was already doing well, but now that Grievous Wound is weaker, it’s time we check his medical license. We’re nerfing him overall by lowering his healing, but the larger chunk of health missing should make his fantasy really come alive when he injects his maximum dosage.”

  • Goes Where He Pleases (Passive) – Health Regeneration decreased to 0.8-1.6% maximum health (levels 1-18) from 1-2% maximum health (levels 1-18)
  • Maximum Dosage (R) – Increased Base Health decreased to 8/11.5/15% missing health from 10/15/20% missing health

Fiona – Nerfed

“Since the Durability Update, Fiora has become extra punishing in Elite play where players who can consistently strike Vitals deal massive max health true damage. We’re toning her passive down as a result, which will also reduce her ult’s power.”

  • Duelist’s Dance (Passive) – Bonus True Damage decreased to 3% (+4.5% per 100 bonus AD) of target’s maximum health from 3% (+5.5% per 100 bonus AD)

Heimerdinger – Buffed

“Heimerdinger’s inventions have fallen short lately. Boosting his turrets’ health and firepower to match the Durability Update is sure to be a formula for success!”

  • H-28G Evolution Turret (Q) – Standard Turret – Health increased to 175-700 (+5-40%) (levels 1-18) from 150-575 (+5-40%) (levels 1-18), Magic Damage increased to 7/11/15/19/23 (+35% AP) from 6/9/12/15/18 (+35% AP)

Ivern – Buffed

“The Durability Update wasn’t so friendly to our friend of the forest. These buffs should return some of his early gank power by a lot. Oh, and Daisy gets a base stat gift, too!”

  • Friend of the Forest (Passive)
    Base Health Cost decreased to 20-3% (levels 1-18) from 23.5-6.5% (levels 1-18), Base Mana Cost decreased to 30-4.5% (levels 1-18) from 34.5-9% (levels 1-18)
  • Triggerseed (E) – Shield increased to 80/115/150/185/220 (+75% AP) from 70/100/130/160/190 (+75% AP)
  • Daisy! (R) – Health increased to 1300/2600/3900 (+50% AP) from 1250/2500/3750 (+50% AP), Armor & Magic Resistance increased to 20/50/100 (+5% AP) from 15/40/90 (+5% AP)

Janna – nerfed

“Janna is still too strong across the board. Her biggest vulnerability should be when she gets caught, so we’re nerfing her speed and defensive spells to make her easier to punish.”

  • Zephyr (W)
    Bonus Move Speed decreased to 6/7/8/9/10% (+2% per 100 AP) from 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% (+2% per 100 AP), Slow decreased to 20/24/28/32/36% (+6% per 100 AP) from 24/28/32/36/40% (+6% per 100 AP)
  • Eye of the Storm (E) – Shield decreased to 65/90/115/140/165 (+55% AP) from 75/100/125/150/175 (+60% AP)

Jarvan IV – Buffed

“Jarvan IV wasn’t the hardest hit by the Durability update, but his sustained damage output hasn’t been left unscathed. We’re letting him get a few more rotations in now that bursting enemies has gotten much harder.”

  • Base Stats – Mana Growth increased to 55 from 40, Mana at Level 18 increased to 1235 from 980
  • Martial Cadence (Passive) – Cooldown decreased to 6/5/4/3 seconds (levels 1/6/11/16) from 6 seconds

Katarina – buffed

“Bruiser and tank builds shouldn’t work well on someone like Katarina, a hyper-mobile resetting assassin. We’re making some slight adjustments to discourage only those itemizations.”

  • Voracity (Passive) – Magic Damage Upon Retrieving Dagger – Bonus AD Ratio decreased to 65% from 75%
  • Shunpo (E) – damage increased to 20/35/50/65/80 from 15/30/45/60/75
  • Death Lotus (R) – Physical Damage per Dagger increased to 16% (+16% per 0.7 total attack speed) bonus AD from 16% (+12.8% per 1.0 total attack speed) bonus AD. On-Hit Effectiveness per Dagger increased to 28/33/38% from 25/30/35%

Lucian – Nerfed

“Lucian’s been shining in Pro bot lanes since before MSI and has continued to do so, even after the Durability Update. We’re tapping down his strong early damage so the Sentinel of Light isn’t so blinding in lane.”

  • Base Stats – Base AD decreased to 60 from 62
  • Piercing Light (Q) – Damage decreased to 95/125/155/185/215 (+60/75/90/105/120% bonus AD) from 95/130/165/200/235 (+60/75/90/105/120% bonus AD)

Seraphine – Buffed

“Seraphine hasn’t been making waves, so we’re boosting her CC to help her captivate her enemies.”

  • Beat Drop (E) – Cooldown decreased to 10 seconds from 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 seconds. Slow/Stun Duration increased to 1.5 seconds from 1 second

Shaco – Nerfed

“Shaco’s been struggling in a world with more durable playthings, especially with his traditional burstier builds. He already has quite a bit of survivability with his tricks, so we’re trading some of his durability for more burst. This should open up those high-risk, high-reward builds once again, adding to his diverse itemization options.

  • Base Stats – Health Growth reduced to 99 from 103. Health at Level 18 reduced to 2313 from 2381. Armor Growth decreased to 4 from 4.7. Armor at Level 18 decreased to 98 from 109.9
  • Deceive (Q) – Physical Damage increased to 25/35/45/55/65 (+40% bonus AD) from 25/35/45/55/65 (+25% bonus AD)
  • Jack in the Box (W) – Magic Damage increased to 10/15/20/25/30 (+12% AP) from 10/15/20/25/30 (+9% AP)
  • Two-Shiv Poison (E) – Magic Damage increased to 70/95/120/145/170 (+75% bonus AD) (+60% AP) from 70/95/120/145/170 (+70% bonus AD) (+50% AP)

Singed – Nerfed

“Singed mid has always been quite strong, but the recent systemic changes have thrown him just over the edge into OP territory. We’re nerfing his early run-at-you power so his squishier lane opponents have a chance to escape (or at least fight back).”

  • Mega-Adhesive (W) – Slow changed from 60% to 50/55/60/65/70%
  • Insanity Potion (R) – Bonus Stats changed from 30/60/90 to 20/60/100

Soraka – Buffed

“We buffed Soraka’s ult back in 11.18, letting it remove Grievous Wounds to give her some hope against the 60% reduced healing effect. Now that GW is weaker, we’re okay with letting it serve its original purpose.”

  • Wish (R) – Heal increased to 150/250/350 (+50% AP) from 125/200/275 (+50% AP)

Viego – Nerfed

“Viego’s been sitting on the jungle throne for a little too long, especially in Pro play. We’re curbing the king’s reset potential and giving laners more opportunity to react to his ganks.”

  • Sovereign’s Domination (Passive) – Base Heal Upon Possession decreased from 2.5% to 2% of target’s maximum health
  • Harrowed Pass (E) – Casting Harrowed Pass while charging Spectral Maw no longer instantly stealths you
  • Heartbreaker (R) – Bonus Physical Damage decreased to 12/16/20% from 15/20/25% (+3% per 100 bonus AD) of lowest health or closest enemy’s missing health

Yorick – Buffed

“Yorick’s Mist Walkers and Maiden of the Mist are also getting a slight base stat package to help them keep up with the Durability Update. We’re also adding a few tweaks to make Yorick’s spectral army a bit more ghastly when positioned correctly. Namely, the Maiden won’t wander too far when moving toward marked targets.”

  • Shepherd of Souls (Passive) – Mist Walker base health increased to 110-212 (levels 1-18) (+20% of Yorick’s maximum health) from 100-185 (levels 1-18) (+15% of Yorick’s maximum health). Move Speed increased to 325 from 300
  • Eulogy of the Isles (R) – Maiden of the Mist base health increased to 350/1100/3300 (+75% of Yorick’s maximum health) from 300/1000/3000 (+70% of Yorick’s maximum health). Marked Target Chase Range decreased to 1000 from 1600

Yuumi – Buffed

“As this chapter of the Durability Update comes to an end, Yuumi’s heals are still a bit too strong right meow. Her power level at large isn’t crossing the line, so we’re just shifting some of it around.”

  • Bop ‘n’ Block (Passive) – Shield increased to 60-380 from 56-360 (varies, levels 1-18)
  • Zoomies (E)
    Heal changed to 70/90/110/130/150 from 70/100/130/160/190 (+35% AP). Bonus Move Speed increased to 20% from 15% (+6% per 100 AP

Zeri – Nerfed

“Zeri’s W damage was a bit shocking with the crit multiplier, so we’re nerfing that and compensating with a little regen boost.”

  • Base Stats – Health Regeneration Growth increased to 0.7 from 0.55. Health Regeneration at Level 18 increased to 15.15 from 12.6
  • Ultrashock Laser (W) – Damage decreased to 20/55/90/125/160 (+130% AD) (+60% AP) from 10/45/80/115/150 (+150% AD) (+70% AP). Critical Strike Damage decreased to 25/96.25/157.5/218.75/280 (+227.5% AD) (+105% AP) from 17.5/78.75/140/201.25/262.5 (+262.5% AD) (+122.5% AP)


Snow Moon Caitlyn – 1350 RP

“A tool of chilling acuity, Caitlyn is the Snow Moon’s most elite sniper. It was her craving for a calculating nature, stripped of the moorings of sympathy, that drew her to serve. There was once warmth in her heart; in dreams, she sees a figure, wild and untamed, in a world not meant for her.”

Snow Moon Caitlyn

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SNOW MOON Illaoi – 1350 RP

“Illaoi, the High Priestess of the Snow Moon, imagines a world free of the madness that consumes it. Her vision can only be realized when every soul is cleansed, every demon ripped from its bindings. Maintaining order with an icy resolve, she’ll stop at nothing, her own humanity a fleeting memory.”


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“The communion was nearly complete. Kayn could feel the Blood Moon demon writhing within. It was then that the Snow Moon assassins struck. Stolen away from that temple into theirs, Kayn was inducted into the Snow Moon Order, their ancient ways piercing and unfamiliar. Only time will tell if their taming of his spirit holds.”

Snow Moon Kayn

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Ashen Knight Pantheon – 100 ME

“A brave knight of old, who legends say slew a god in battle so that all humankind might see that they were their own masters. Standing watch over the ashes of his former lands, Patheon himself is now the only foe left to conquer, and he awaits a worthy challenger to face one final time.”

Ashen Knight Pantheon leads the League of Legends 12.12 patch notes

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And that’s everything on the LoL patch 12.12 for now, but keep heading back to check them out as there’s sure to be lots more to eyeball and delve into ahead of the patch’s arrival very soon.

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