Riot gift fan League of Legends RP after drawing a very nice picture

A fan was gifted League of Legends RP after sending Riot art of Jhin, created in MS Paint, with LoL Reddit also throwing in a few dollars for their trouble

Fan gifted League of Legends RP after drawing a very nice picture: a futuristic-looking man wearing a shiny, smooth helmet stands holding a gun in hand

League of Legends RP isn’t easy to come by, at least without paying out of your own pocket; the only real way of passively gaining it is through Prime Gaming capsules – and even that amount was recently reduced. One good-natured fan of the MOBA was trying to gift their friend a skin, but just happened to be 9 RP short, so instead of adding way more in-game currency than was needed, they turned to more creative pursuits to get the RP for the gift.

Reddit user tsmsky’s attempt to gift their friend a new skin was thwarted when they found themselves just short of the amount needed to purchase said skin. An idea was then formulated – perhaps a work of art was worth the 9 RP required to purchase the gift.

Seemingly a dab-hand with MS Paint, the innovative fan drew the intended gift (Project Jhin) and sent it to Riot support. Tsmsky was rewarded for their efforts with the 9 RP required to enrich their friend’s day with a skin for their favourite champion. 

Fan gifted League of Legends RP after drawing a very nice picture: a crude drawing of a futuristic-looking man holding a pistol

Sadly, even though the artist was gifted the currency needed for the skin, they discovered that they still weren’t able to send the gift – it looks like by the time Riot had gifted the 9 RP, Project Jhin had gone back up to full price: “I tried to explain this to Riot Support, but there was some confusion and they ended up crediting me another 9 RP. After re-explaining, the additional 9 RP has since been removed, but no one’s answered me about whether or not the sale price would be honoured. A kind Redditor offered me $5 via Venmo in case things fall through with Riot Support, so thank you for that as well!”

Turns out there is some good in the League of Legends community, and some players will go above and beyond for their friends to look swanky in lane.

Not quite sure if Riot accepts any other forms of art in lieu of money, but it might be worth giving them a try if you can’t quite afford any of the new League of Legends Fright Night skins that are due for release soon. For those paying customers, it might also be worth you checking out just how much you’ve spent in League of Legends so far – hopefully, you won’t be too horrified by the answer.