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Hexakill comes to Twisted Treeline in League of Legends’ Halloween event: The Harrowing

League of Legends

We’re finally able to put a name to the rolling fog that’s bothered League of Legends’ champion pages for over a week now. The Black Mist seeps into the heads of its victims, dissolving all memory of home or loved ones and pulling them deep into the Shadow Isles, where they take on new 975 RP skins. 

On Halloween, we mimic their sacrifice by forgetting our own homes and loved ones to play with twelve champions on Twisted Treeline, LoL’s most close-quartered map.

The black mist has claimed the monkey king Wukong, curving in wispy tendrils around his staff and turning his eyes a fetching blue. His new Underworld skin will set you back 1350 RP, or 975 if you buy before tomorrow, October 28. The fog floats about the feet of Ravenborn LeBlanc, too, now on sale permanently for 975 RP.

Hexakill, LoL’s experimental twelve-player mode, was first introduced for a short spell in February. It returns now in the cramped confines of Twisted Treeline, where Riot promise “intense gankery”.Controlling both altars will now buff players as well as their minions, and the devs have bumped up gold and XP rewards for the event.

“Claustrophobes – and arachnophobes – need not apply,” they write.

Three new icons are available for the occasion: one for winning three games of Hexakill, another for giving a gift to a friend, and a third for parting with 1500 IP during The Harrowing (or 250 RP thereafter).

Do you think you’ll let the mists roll around the inside of your skull for a bit?