League of Legends honour update adds Three Honours skin line, rewards

The League of Legends honour system will be getting an overhaul in the future, adding the Three Honours skin line and a plethora of new rewards to Riot's MOBA

League of Legends adds Three Honors skin line, updates honor rewards: a werewolf roads in the face of scared humans

League of Legends honour skins Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch have been the only real rewards for reaching honour level 5 in the popular MOBA for years, until now. Riot is committed to changing up the honour system in the hopes of making being nice more appealing.

The overall toxicity of League of Legends is called into question more than it should; the game can sometimes be perceived as a bit of a negative experience for most involved – and that’s putting it lightly.

There are two ways you can attempt to filter those helpful players, from harmful ones: reporting toxic players, or those who aren’t playing the game in its intended way can help Riot issue punishments in the hope they change their ways. This has been historically hit and miss, with certain activities being prioritised over others.

The honour system is in place to reward those who are positive, who help the team, and who play well. At the end of a match, you are able to honour a teammate for either being tilt-proof, just being a great teammate in general or for being the shot-caller. These honours stack up and add to your account’s overall ‘honour level’ – reaching level 5 in this grants you a token that can be used to unlock unique skins and chromas.

The rewards for your honour level 5 tokens have been… lacklustre, with only two skins having been available for quite some time now – Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch. The only items that get added each season are chromas for those two skins. Not exactly earth-shattering.

With that, Riot has announced that it will be revamping the rewards with the creation of The Three Honours skin line, a brand new skin added to the honour rewards pool every season. The first to come will be Three Honours Malzahar, to be released at the end of the 2022 season.

League of Legends adds Three Honors skin line, updates honor rewards

The changes, along with the upcoming chat implementations, will hopefully start to curb the sometimes unpleasantness that goes along with a League of Legends match. For a hint of what’s coming in the next update, check out the League of Legends 12.17 patch preview, and maybe you can answer this Redditor’s burning question: where you do put your fingers while playing League of Legends? Important questions only here.