League of Legends’ new Champion Jhin showcased in spotlight trailer

LoL Jhin

Revealed last month following a lengthy tease, Jhin, the latest combatant to enter the League of Legends fray, now has his own Champion Spotlight. Otherwise known as The Virtuoso, the marksman’s trailer explores his skillset, his place on the battlefield, and how you’ll best utilise him in action.

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In eight minutes, Jhin’s Champion Spotlight takes an extensive look at the newbie’s playstyle, but the early section that examines his passive – Whisper, named after his gun – is perhaps the most interesting. Whisper, we’re told, can only chamber four bullets. The last round will always land critical hits and will also deal surplus damage relevant to his enemy’s missing health.

After the fourth bullet is fired, Jhin will take a moment to reload – part of which makes him slower than most other League of Legends Champions. To this end, Whisper also has a fixed attack speed and “any attacks, speed and crit chance he gets during a game converts into attack damage”.

His crits, then, deal less damage than usual, but provide him with a burst of speed based on his attack speed. So, while Jhin may well be slower than other Champions, he’ll generally deal more damage per shot. On top of this, his Q attack is named Dancing Grenade, his W attack is Deadly Flourish, his E attack is Captive Audience, and his R attack is Curtain Call, all of which are shown in detail here:

“A twisted murderer behind a smiling mask, Jhin isn’t interested in simply killing his victims, he obsesses over killing them perfectly,” is how the narrator above describes Jhin. “He sees death as the single most important moment of a person’s life and strives to make each spectacular.”

Which of course makes him sound bloody terrifying. If you’d like a look at the latest Champion in even more detail, check out our Jhin: hands-on.