The second album from League of Legends metal band Pentakill is free to download now

League of Legends pentakill second album

Update August 3, 2017: Lo and behold, the gods of metal have brought upon us a new album on this great day, as the full second Pentakill album is now available to stream and download.

Titled Grasp of the Undying, you can check out all of the songs on YouTube, linked on the official site, as well as download a zip including all ten songs plus some artwork.

For the in-game aspects, here are the best League of Legends champions for beginners.

Tear of the Goddess is by far my favourite, in case you were wondering.

Update July 22, 2017:We didn’t have to wait very long before getting to hear some of this new League of Legends album, as two singles from it are now up on YouTube.

Tear of the Goddess” and “The Bloodthirster” are available for you to stream, or you candownload the singles from the official site right now.

We’ve also got the names of all the songs from the credits – aside from those two singles, we’ll have “Frozen Heart,” “Infinity Edge,” “Rapid Firecannon,” “Cull,” “Mortal Reminder,” “Dead Man’s Plate,” “The Blade of the Ruined King,” and “The Hex Core mk-2.” I never realised until now quite how metal the items in League of Legends sound.

Original story 21 July, 2017:League of Legends is a lot of things:videogame,esport,anime. It’s also a music powerhouse, producing tracks across a wide range of genres to back videos, login screens, and more. One of those genres is metal, with an in-house band going by Pentakill producing an album a couple of years ago. Now they’re doing a second as reconfirmed by the teaser above.

A surprise to me, hopefully you, and I expect generally everyone, the first album was genuinely great. Not exactly the pinnacle of the genre but a good mixture of vocals, instrumentals, and just-nerdy-enough references to in-game items and heroes. Expect more of the same the second go round.

As reported by Surrender@20, the announced release date is some time this year. This teaser from last year’s All-Star event is the closest we’ve got to an actual song: