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League of Legends has made more money than any other game in 2017

Tencent League of Legends

Industry analysts SuperData have just revealed their game revenue report for 2017 so far. In it, we see that League of Legends is still unbeatable, and the Chinese market is hugely important for making a wave. 

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Despite being free-to-play, LoL rakes in its cash with paid heroes and cosmetics. That’s enough for Riot to take the number one spot in game revenue. In China, the game is ran by Tencent, a mammoth company in the Asian market.

Tencent also have exclusive Chinese rights to Rocket League, and they just bought a stake in Frontier Developments, creators of Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster.

Below League of Legends on the SuperData chart are mostly a bunch of games you haven’t heard of. Dungeon Fighter Online, Crossfire, and Fantasy Westward Journey Online II are second, third, and fourth respectively.

These titles are big in China. It’s no wonder big Western publishers like Take-Two are looking for a slice of the Chinese market.