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League of Legends now has voice chat

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Voice chat has finally come to League of Legends, and my worst fears have been realised. The feature is official ready to use on the live server as of today.

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It’s taken Riot nearly ten years to implement voice chat, which is a blessing in itself, but the road towards it has been a rocky one. Originally, in keeping with feedback from the community, Riot stated that they would not be bringing voice chat to the game in an attempt to alleviate toxicity, a stance they maintained for several years.

Last year however, Riot performed an abrupt u-turn on the issue, announcing that voice chat would eventually come to the game, and suggesting that its previous stance on the feature was wrong. Over the course of the past year, various plans for League of Legends voice chat were rolled out, culminating in the launch of the current version.

League of Legends voice chat can be accessed via UI menus both in-game and in-client. There’ll be a small microphone in the bottom-right corner (by the camera lock item next to the mini-map if you’re in-game). The menu will allow you to control the volume of everyone in the chat, or opt out entirely. It’s worth noting that it’s currently only available for premade groups (who have never heard of Skype or Discord), and Riot are unlikely to roll it out to other groups for the forseeable future.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
4 Months ago

I can only assume this U-turn came from other titles successes in voice-chat (Overwatch would be the main pointer), combined with the pure-minded aspirations of improved teamwork.

I wouldn't be shocked if after a few months of fixing any bugs, they make an rotating game mode where voice-chat is default turned on, and see how people react/if they turn as toxic as they can be in chat. The test would then decide whether its offered to all games, or kept restricted to groups.

Personal opinion: I'm definitely not against Riot trying to get voice chat in game. If it turns out destructive then I would mute by default, and if it became common for people to mute before others even started to talk then its almost definite Riot will remove an unused or destructive feature. If it works then that's great. If not then you'll probably only experience the 7 year-old CoD-rage scream once or twice before you give up on the chat system. It's existence could benefit and won't hurt to have.

Although I doubt Riot are exited over the idea of moderating audio when it comes to report cards, having to listen to the games audio recordings to decide whether or not the player is toxic. It'll dramatically lengthen the current report-checking speed where all they have to do is read text logs and check the games statistics.