Forget Loldle, there’s a new League of Legends quiz in town

Forget Loldle - if you're looking to prove yourself as a master (or Grandmaster) of all things League of Legends, this quiz is the one.

Forget Loldle, there's a new League of Legends quiz in town: A skinny man in a blue bomber jacket with white hair holds a golden sword on his back standing above a futuristic cityscape

I believe, rather humbly, that I am pretty good at League of Legends. I know the champions, their interactions, the best support items, and, most importantly, which skins look the best. I am, however, absolutely awful at Loldle – so awful it genuinely hurts my feelings as much as Nunu running it down mid. So, imagine my face when I saw this new ARAM Guessr – and, indeed, my face, when I got three wrong in a row on my first few attempts.

Enter ARAM Guessr – the newest League of Legends quiz that is bound to break your mental more than losing four games of Ranked in a row – no, I don’t want to talk about it. If you find the MOBA‘s Wordle-inspired quiz, Loldle, too easy, then this bad boy is the one for you.

Devised by the truly evil – I mean, talented – ‘u/coach_serge,’ ARAM Guessr presents you with team compositions from real-life ARAM matches and tasks you with deciding which one won the match.

An image showing two different League of Legends ARAM compositions asking which team wins

So, in the example above, the two teams are relatively evenly matched. There’s one tank on each side, but the top team does a little more damage than the bottom – in theory, anyway, that’s Dark Harvest Karma and Soraka.

Having sat and considered this for five or so minutes, I plunked for the top team given the relative squishiness of the bottom one and the high damage potential of Ahri, Caitlyn, Rumble, and Viego. Turns out I was right for the first time since I started playing – honestly, if I’d been wrong, this laptop would have gone out of the window.

An image showing a winning screen on the League of Legends ARAM guessr game

You can sync the game to your Riot account if you’re looking to torture yourself by reliving past ARAMs and adding your own games to the pool, and you can also create a dedicated account to keep track of your scores and, of course, your position on the leaderboard.

If you’re looking for some hints, League of Legends’ lead champion designer Blake ‘RiotBlake’ Smith notes that they “got a bunch correct in a row by just selecting the team with more tanks until [they] picked a team with Tahm Kench/ Volibear/ Miss Fortune that all decided to build full AP.” You heard it here first, folks, if in doubt, look at the tanks.

You can try out ARAM Guessr here, but be aware that you, like me, will likely find yourself playing for several hours and wondering how it got so dark outside so quickly.

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