League of Legends is being ruined by teleporting Corkis, Riot responds

A bizarre League of Legends bug that sees Corki 'teleport' across the map has resurfaced, and Riot is currently looking for a fix.

League of Legends is being ruined by teleporting Corkis, Riot responds: A small man with a lon beard and red goggles riding a rocket shaped like a Chinese dragon with green eyes as fireworks explode in the background

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Corki, but for some reason he’s going really, really fast. If you’ve seen a rogue Yordle yeeting himself into lane at the speed of light, don’t worry, this is an ongoing League of Legends bug that Riot is looking to solve.

Despite the fact I’ve played an awful lot of League of Legends, Corki is one of the champions I don’t see all that often. His win rate isn’t great right now, and while he’s a little tankier and can withstand the MOBA‘s one-shot assassins and burst mages, he oftentimes doesn’t pack enough of a punch to make him a worthwhile pick.

A new bug, however, is certainly giving him some unintended boosts, and I’m thankful it’s not consistent enough to actually be abused. As shown in a video by u/iamdumbandcringe, Corki picks up the package and gets a bizarre burst of speed. As he moves towards the top lane, the player checks mid on the mini-map and, for whatever reason, Corki is randomly teleported there. The poor Rakan never stood a chance.

“New Corki mechanic goes crazy,” they write, and I can’t help but agree – especially as a Rakan player who loves to rock the iG skin – it’s a little too close to home. However, Riot Games’ ‘GalaxySmash’ has confirmed that this is a bug, and that the team is working to solve it.

“Skill issue,” they joke, and my heart breaks once more for that Rakan. “In reality we’ll take a look, this one has been around for a bit. Pretty sure Corki is overflowing his movespeed somehow so he isn’t ‘teleporting,’ he’s just running from one point to another with like, one million move speed or something.”

A comment from a Riot Games developer discussing a Corki bug that allows him to travel quickly

I guess if you’ve been looking to play Corki, there’s your excuse – Corki Azir meta is back, kids. To be fair, as much as I meant that as a joke, Azir’s disengage is perfect for this – you can farm with the Sand Soldiers under turrets, lock the pesky little misfit between two turrets with a Sun Disk, and, if he does get on top of you, Emperor’s Divide and a smooth exit with Shifting Sands. Sure, you’d need to be fast, but Azir it is.

Thankfully, though, Corki is still at the bottom end of the LoL tier list, so sure he might be able to teleport behind you, but he’ll probably not have the damage to kill you – silver linings and all that. If you have been absolutely obliterated by a teleporting Corki, however, and are in need of a break, we have a list of the best multiplayer games right here to help you cool off.

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