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LoL’s Dark Star game mode is a big sumo brawl between six Threshes


Update April 19, 2017: the Midseason 2017 update has yielded new details on League’s coming Dark Star game mode, and its accompanying skins.

League of Legends’ teased game mode will be a scrappy sumo brawl between six Dark Star Threshes, in which the objective is seemingly to push or pull your rivals into the Dark Star in the centre of the map. 

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That’s our judgement from the assets that have hit the PBE as of the start of the latest patch cycle – it’s also clear that the setting for the game mode will be the intimate Cosmic Ruins map. Tips advise players that their job is to “pull or push enemies into the Dark Star”, and that “lower health targets fly much farther”. There are also a range of new buffs and abilities, and a new Thresh announcer voiceover:

Sadly, the Dark Star mode isn’t playable yet – expect that to change sometime over the next two weeks as patch 7.9 plays out.

We also got a look at the lush new Dark Star skins for Orianna and Kha’Zix – check out our 7.9 patch notes for a look at them and everything else that’s coming in the huge midseason patch.

Dark Star Orianna:

Dark Star Orianna splash art

Dark Star Kha’Zix:

Dark Star Kha'zix splash art

Original story April 18, 2017:A new trailer is doing the rounds on Riot’s social media, teasing a Dark Star-themed game mode for League of Legends.

The trailer first appeared on League of Legends Italy’s Facebook page with the tagline ‘Surrender to Infinity’, then reappeared on their English language Facebook. You can watch a mirror above.

The video shows gameplay on a small map that looks to emphasise knockback and hook effects, plus new Dark Star-themed skins for Orianna and Kha’Zix.

The news follows the introduction of a Dark Star legendary skin for Thresh in 2016. With the 7.8 patch cycle drawing to a close and having already added two new champions, expect the Dark Star game mode to be the focus of the coming 7.9 patch.