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League of Legends’ new trailer highlights Star Guardian Ahri’s anime transformation

Star Guardians

Riot have released a new Star Guardian trailer for League of Legends. The video has been released in anticipation of the five new Star Guardian skins coming to the game in the near future, alongside the new Invasion game mode.

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The video, A New Horizon, which you can watch above, is the second trailer from Riot to adopt the anime theme that all ten Star Guardian skins are based on. Last year, when the first five Star Guardian skins were released, they put out another video, mimicking an anime title sequence. That video focused on the relationship between Lux and Jinx, whose respective skins were definitely the most impressive of the bunch.

This time around, the focus is definitely on Ahri, who gets the only legendary skin to be released in this group. It also has a little more of a narrative focus, as Ahri ponders the destiny of the Star Guardians, and then undergoes a lengthy transformation. In true anime style, she changes from typical schoolgirl to world-saving superhero.

At the end of the video, she’s joined by all of the new roster of Star Guardians. Soraka, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, and Syndra are joining Ahri in the skin set, which also includes Poppy, Lulu, and Janna. You can check out their version of ananime trailer here, which I’d strongly recommend, as it’s actually pretty good.