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League of Legends streamer held hostage in-game for over 3 hours

League of Legends streamer, Kim 'kkyuahri' So-Hyun was trapped in a game for three hours by stream snipers, but has had their account reinstated

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Popular Korean League of Legends streamer, Kkyuahri, has recently received their account back from Riot after their 14-day ban post-LoL patch 12.14. The account suspension came after the streamer was held hostage in a game of League for over three hours – stream snipers made up both the allied and opposing teams, and were determined to prolong the match for as long as possible.

So-Hyun rationalised staying in the match in order to not receive a penalty from Riot, but after dying over 115 times, the banhammer stuck swiftly. It’s also not outside the realm of possibility that the trolls on either side of the Rift would have submitted reports against the streamer.

The full VOD is no longer available from Afreeca (a Korean streaming platform), but there is a five-hour ‘condensed’ version on kkyuahri’s YouTube channel here.

The match quickly devolves into chaos, with Kim’s own teammates supplying their opponents with the streamer’s location, and eventually ends with the opposing Senna having so many stacks on her passive that killing kkyuahri in the fountain from a safe distance takes no time at all. At this point, the Korean streamer tabs out of the game in order to play some FIFA and wait for the trolls to get bored.

Thankfully, it appears as though the ban is now over, with new League of Legends streams appearing on So-Hyun’s Afreeca account. Sadly, the match appears to be so much of an anomaly that it doesn’t appear on OP.gg – I know; I’m morbidly curious to find out the full details of what went down.

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