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LoL what lies beyond the shrouded path mystery champion explained

The LoL what lies beyond the shrouded path riddle to work out the mystery champion is stumping League of Legends players, but we have the answer

League of Legends mystery champion: Riven fights Sion

The answer to the League of Legends what lies beyond the shrouded path mystery champion riddle is a tricky one, as there are a few different champions that fit the bill. Riot has added a new mission each day since the beginning of the 2023 season, each of which tasks you with playing with a mystery champion, deducted from a single line of lore.

The latest mystery champion riddle is ‘what lies beyond the shrouded path’. This isn’t a line of dialogue from a character in the free PC game, so we have to dig deeper. Could the mystery champion be Akali? She has an ability named Twilight Shroud which she uses to keep herself safe or, more likely, uses the cover to stalk the shrouded path for her next target.

league of legends mystery champion: akali

Who is the League of Legends mystery champion?

This mystery mission has perhaps revealed a pattern with the answers. Although fans can, and will, deduce even the most obscure of riddles posed to them, it seems like the answer can be found with the champion shard given in the previous mission. That means that the League of Legends what lies beyond the shrouded path mystery champion is Zed.

Zed makes perfect sense for the line of lore we’re given. The leader of the Order of Shadow, he can duplicate himself in shadow form, using the shrouded copies to engage and eliminate enemies, transferring between them at will. Zed has walked a dark path, and since discovering the forbidden secret shadow form, he has been destroying everything in sight that may be a threat to his order.

league of legends mystery champion: zed

Now you know who the mystery champion is, make sure that you, or a member of your team, lock Zed in on your next game. Once the match is over, the rewards are yours. While you wait for tomorrow’s riddle, check out the League of Legends tier list to find out who’s OP right now, and who you should be avoiding. Also, do yourself a favour and see just how much you’ve spent in League of Legends, the new season pass is out, but don’t overextend yourself.