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New League of Legends champ, time-shattering Ekko, revealed at Mid-Season Invitational

A shattered pair of goggles rest in a candle-lit cavern with some kind of picture-covered shrine in the background.

Riot have revealed the latest champion for League of Legends during the broadcast of the Mid-Season Invitational: Ekko, a young boy with some kind of techno-magical device that allows him to move through time.

Watch the trailer below.

Here’s the pretty excellent reveal trailer for Ekko, called “Seconds”.

Not only is that a great video (the opening narration and pan over Ekko’s hideout is fantastic), but it raises all kinds of interesting questions about how this character is going to work in-game. Obviously you can’t do a Prince of Persia: Sands of Time kind of thing in a multiplayer game, but the trailer is pretty explicit about the fact that Ekko can rewind short bursts of time to fix critical mistakes.

Yet just as important, the video shows that the ability doesn’t undo the past for Ekko. When he gets the crap kicked out of him and slammed into the pavement, he still looks like he’s on his last legs when he resets to the start of the fight.

I’ll be very curious to see how this works in-game. Will Ekko be a character you effectively have to kill twice in order for it to stick? A character with a Guardian Angel-style active-ability? And how will Ekko’s ability to discern and exploit weaknesses play out? I’m hoping for something more exciting that temporary damage bonuses.

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Gnug315 Avatar
2 Years ago

Any avoidable death is a blunder, esp. at Diamond+. Ie., if you could rewind time just a little and avoid it, you have made a mistake.

Maybe Ekko can actually rewind the gametime a little upon teammate deaths, allowing them to avoid deaths. The byproduct of this would ppl would pay a LOT more attention to their blunders and become much less-bad players.

QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

I think it's still the same health bar, once hurt he's hurt, but say he got ganked and didn't expect them there, he could revert both them and himself, now knowing where the enemy is ganking from and avoid the bush before its too late. I'm also betting it'll be excelent in helping him solo the enemy nexus, charging in causing tons of damage then reversing people back to where they were for more time to deal damage.

These are still just theories though, no idea if the reversing will effect an AOE around him or just him +1 other champion of his choice. Lets hope the cooldown isn't too long, or if he has 2 different types of rewind that would be awesome xD

shlerp: the derp dragon Avatar

if it's sorta like weavers ult in dota, but he is still hurt, then that doesn't seem very effective. If he rewinds time for everyone then that just seems op. Very interested to see his full skillset

Cyfaeras Avatar
2 Years ago

"A character with a Guardian Angel-style active-ability?"

You mean Zilean?