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New and upcoming League of Legends skins

Prepare your Mythic Essence and your bank balance for the newest and upcoming League of Legends skins, so you can have the latest hotness when it’s released.

League of LEgends skins: a group of League of Legends heroes form a line in wait for the opponents.

What are the new and upcoming League of Legends skins? Although LoL is a free-to-play game, there is a deep catalog of premium skins you can adorn yourself with while attempting to win on the Rift. These cosmetics vary in quality based on when they were released, with many of the newer offerings totally eclipsing those of even a few years ago. But what are the newest skins, and what can we expect next?

While looking good in League of Legends is very important, mastering the basics is key if you want to climb the ranks. We have a League of Legends beginners guide here if you’re struggling to lane properly, or don’t know how to close out a game. We even have a League of Legends tier list if you’re wondering who’s strong right now, and who to avoid.

New League of Legends skins: A centaur creature holding a staff.

New League of Legends skins

The new skins for League of Legends are the Shan Hai Scrolls and DRX sets. The Shan Hai Scrolls universe within LoL is based around the champions being seen as mythological creatures, with a heavy Chinese visual influence. There was also a skin set released for the DRX esports team victory.

The newest skins in LoL are:

  • Shan Hai Scrolls Bard
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Kog’Maw
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Lillia
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Tahm Kench
  • DRX Aatrox
  • DRX Akali
  • DRX Ashe
  • DRX Caitlyn
  • DRX Kindred
  • DRX Maokai

New League of Legends skins: A rotund humanoir plays their mystical trumpet.

Upcoming League of Legends skins

The next League of Legends skin to be released will be an ultimate skin for Samira. According to this State of Skins address by Riot, we can expect to see a new ultimate skin before the year is out. Ultimate skins are the most detailed cosmetics in LoL, with new animations, UI elements, and even evolutions that can occur within a game, and it looks like Samira will be the next champion to receive the ultimate treatment.

Now you know the newest skins up for grabs in League of Legends, it’s up to you if they’re worth picking up – maybe just check how much you’ve spent in League of Legends first. If free PC games are your thing, check out our guide to see if there’s anything else out there worth your time.