League of Legends Zilean has reached 1000 days without a new skin

League of Legends champion Zilean has now reached over 1000 days without Riot Games giving him a new skin - and this isn't even his first time

League of Legends Zilean has reached 1000 days without a new skin: a wizard in a blue robe casts a powerful time-spell

League of Legends Zilean has surpassed 1000 days without receiving a new skin from Riot. That’s a long wait for anyone who mains the Chronokeeper in the popular MOBA, and it’s not even the first time something like this has happened; this is actually the third time that Zilean has had to wait 1000 days for a new cosmetic.

A League of Legends champion having to wait for nearly three years to get a new skin seems kind of ridiculous – especially considering the sheer amount of new cosmetics being released with each new patch, so Zilean being a member of the ‘1000 days club’ three times over is astonishing.

The Chronokeeper most definitely has a love/hate relationship with the League of Legends player base, with the needle seemingly pointing towards ‘hate’ if the cosmetic additions are anything to go by. I personally see Zilean in a fair few of my matches, and it wouldn’t be unfair to say that his aesthetic is in dire need of some TLC.

The ‘1000 days club’ currently has three members: Dr. Mundo (1300+ days), Udyr (1100+ days), and Zilean (1000+ days), with Taric very close to entering with just over 900 days. It may not seem like Mundo and Udyr have had to wait that long, as they have both received re-works and visual updates in the time since their last cosmetic release.

A post on Reddit goes into some detail about Zilean’s wait, with the champion being described as having “PS1 graphics.” Some players are crying out for a full re-work, while others just think a visual update will do: “They don’t really need to rework him. Just give him the Morgana / Ezreal treatment and update his model. Zoe’s hair is better animated than him.”

With Riot releasing Fright Night skins for Halloween, and even creating a fictional sports tournament, the Zenith Games, it isn’t like the company is without new concepts for cosmetics. Zilean most definitely needs some love, even though I never want to go against him ever again.