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League of Legends skin preview: Zenith Games

League of Legends skins are released for a multitude of occasions, so to celebrate the LoL World Championships Riot have added the Zenith Games cosmetics

League of Legends skin preview: Zenith Games: a man stands with his back to the camera dressed in futuristic garb holding a giant hammer

League of Legends skins line Zenith Games is due for release soon, celebrating the highest of athletic achievements. The back-end of 2022 is filled with sporting goodness; from the highly-popular MOBAs Worlds tournament to the football World Cup, there’s a lot to like for anyone who’s even remotely into high-level competition.

The Zenith Games appear to be an Olympic-type test of a person’s athletic prowess, with several vaguely-futuristic events on show via three new champion skins. Lee Sin, Jayce, and Blitzcrank will be receiving their new looks with patch 12.17 drops around September 8.

Twitter account Spideraxe gives some background information on these new releases:

Zenith Games Blitzcrank

League of Legends skin preview: Zenith Games: a robot referee calls a found in a futuristic sport

“Originally a bomb defusal robot, Blitzcrank was made a referee because of his ability to make split-second adjustments to stay ahead of the prodigious athletes. Only later did everyone realize that the bot’s background made him unusually effective in defusing the intense… disagreements that often arise.”

Most definitely a super aggressive version of football on show, with Blitz using their hook to separate two opponent players having a bit of a row. Makes sense that the robot would be able to make perfect decisions every time, unlike when my squishy human brain attempts to play him as support.

Zenith Games Lee Sin

League of Legends skin preview: Zenith Games: a martial artist throws a kick towards the camera

“Martial artist Lee Sin’s focus on overwhelming his opponents before they could react had won him many championships, but also burned him out. Realizing that his strategy had been rooted in fear, he augments his body not to give himself more strength, but to concentrate his mind and senses.”

Hard to think of a better hand-to-hand combatant than Lee Sin, making him the perfect choice for what seems to be a multi-tiered royal rumble. Lee aims a swift kick to the face, with another two opponents lying in wait behind him.

Zenith Games Jayce

League of Legends skin preview: Zenith Games: a man stands with his back to the camera dressed in futuristic garb holding a giant hammer

“Jayce invented Hammerjack as a showcase sport for humanity’s new augmented abilities. Nothing else tested athletes across so many directions and terrain, and with this being its first year in the Zenith Games, he intends to show everyone what THE sport of the 22nd century looks like.”

It’s difficult to see what the sport of the 22nd century looks like, but I’m going to go ahead and assume it involves rather large hammers and someone’s face. The uniforms look pretty swanky though – this skin is the pick of the bunch for me.

The Zenith Games mini-release looks to hit the store on the 8 September with the League of Legends 12.17 patch. If you like the look of any of these new skins and want to pick one up, it might be worth checking how much you’ve spent in League of Legends so far. Y’know, just to make sure.