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League of Legends pros are already breaking Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is just a few days old, but Scarra's Shyvana is something to be feared

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Teamfight Tactics – League of Legends’ answer to the emerging autobatter genre – arrived just a few days ago, but it hasn’t taken long for the community to discover some potentially game-breaking interactions.

During a stream last night, William ‘Scarra’ Li, former mid-laner for Team Dignitas, tried out the new mode with a bunch of friends. As the game reached its conclusion, Scarra had based his set-up around his Shyvana, kitting her out with two Guinsoo’s Rageblades to help buff her attack speed, and a Bloodthirster to offer some lifesteal.

On top of that, he surrounded the Half-Dragon with other Dragon and Shapeshifter champions. That meant that once she activated her skill and transformed into a dragon, she gained immunity to magic damage and doubled her HP. While Scarra’s opponent got the upper hand in the beginning of the fight, Shyvana stayed alive long enough that her Rageblades sent her attack speed skyrocketing. In fact, she was eventually so fast that her character animations couldn’t keep up with the speed of her swipes.

While his opponent’s Gnar and Lulu show chaos in his ranks, Shyvana eventually becomes so powerful that she’s able to finish off six of her eight enemies, several of them almost single-handedly.

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Teamfight Tactics only launched a few days ago, but it’s already topping Twitch. Sadly, these particular interactions aren’t likely to stick around too long, as Riot is paying plenty of attention, and several balance changes are already planned for later this patch. A ranked mode is also planned for League of Legends patch 9.14.

OP dragon-ladies aside, it’s a pretty good time for autobattlers right now, as Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords battle it out against the original Auto Chess for the top spot. It’ll be interesting to see where Riot and Valve take their new toys over the next few months.