League of Legends fans make Wordle spinoff called Yordle

LoL fans have a Wordle clone called Yordle that replaces each word with the names of League of Legends' champions, items, and spells

One of the League of Legends champions you might find in the fan-made Worlde clone called Yordle

Wordle has inspired oodles of spinoffs since surging in popularity last year, with some challenging you to identify a song or country instead of a word. Now, though, League of Legends has its own take on the popular browser game, thanks to the work of some fans on Reddit.

The way Yordle works is pretty intuitive. You have six attempts to guess a word made up of five letters. To help you along, the letters will appear orange if you have guessed correctly and put them in the correct spot, blue if they’re right but in the wrong place, and white if you’re wrong on both counts. The simple way Yordle differs from Wordle is that you’re guessing the name of a champion, spell, or item instead of, like, anything else. Yordle initially started with champion names, though items and spell names were added as a “bonus round” a few days later.

League of Legends has more than 140 champions and many more spells and items. The good news, though, is that not all of them have five-letter-long names. Best of luck to you.

It’s been somewhat of a productive month for League of Legends fans. Recently, one went from unranked to master in a single 60-hour stream, though they wouldn’t recommend doing it. Neither would we, really.

If you’re looking for actual League of Legends news, though, it looks like LoL patch 12.6 will feature a Rengar rework and nerfs for Hecarim. As reported by The Loadout, Riot Games is also expanding League of Legends lore with a Ruination novel this September.