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The best zombie game ever is less than $1 on Steam

15 years after its original release, Left 4 Dead is still king of the zombie shooters and now this co-op FPS is less than $1 on Steam.

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Ever wondered if you’d survive an undead apocalypse? Going by Left 4 Dead, the answer is probably no. But this co-op zombie shooter is so brilliant and unpredictable, even getting punched off the side of a building is a blast. And right now, you can get Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead for less than $1 / £1 each.

Left 4 Dead, alongside sequel Left 4 Dead 2, is an all-time co-op classic and, even if you’re playing solo with bots, it’s an experience not to be missed. But if this zombie game has remained off your radar, here’s your chance to put things right for less than $1 / £1.

Whether you’re playing Left 4 Dead solo with bots or co-op with friends, its AI director will keep you on your toes. The director dials up the tension by spawning zombies at suitably inconvenient moments, but it gives you just enough breathing room to make you think you’re going to make it.

Does that sound familiar? Some of the team who worked on the game later created Back 4 Blood. But, despite their effort, it’s never reached Left 4 Dead 2’s lofty heights in terms of either playability or player count. And, compared to Left 4 Dead 1 and 2’s wisecrackers, Back 4 Blood’s ‘cleaners’ are anything but memorable.

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With tens of thousands of people playing Left 4 Dead 2 concurrently, there’s no shortage of players, either. Even better, while you can buy both games, you don’t strictly have to. Left 4 Dead 2 contains all the levels from the original, giving you fourteen multi-mission campaigns worth of zombie slaughter.

Want to see how the other half unlives? There’s a PvP infected vs humans mode to explore and, while it’s not officially supported, split-screen is an option. How can you go wrong? Apart from getting your spleen clawed out, that is.

Left 4 Dead 2 is $0.99 / £0.85 on Steam, as is Left 4 Dead.  If you’re after another horrifying co-op experience, here’s now to deal with Lethal Company’s monsters and how to play Lethal Company with 32 people.

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