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You can play Lethal Company with 32 people, here’s how

Lethal Company, the new horror hit on Steam overtaking Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia, can now be enjoyed with huge 32-player lobbies.

Lethal Company mods 32 players: An explorer in a space suit from horror game Lethal Company

Lethal Company is the perfect, potent mix of horror and comedy. You enter the building. You agree a plan. You separate into parties. And then you come back 45 seconds later to find everyone dead on the floor holding stop signs, hairbrushes, and a plastic fish. Whether you’re participating or spectating, the new co-op hit that’s overtaken the likes of Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia on Steam is perfect to play with friends. Now, thanks to a visionary new Lethal Company mod, you can navigate Zeekerss’ various barren hellscapes with up to 32 people.

We’ve spent a long time exploring the moons of Experimentation and Apprehension lately, and picked up details on how to beat the Lethal Company Forest Keeper, and how to survive the Lethal Company Manticoils. We’ve also been scouring Lethal Company mods, and found that’s absolutely essential. Four of you collecting salvage is pretty good, but if you want to nail that quota and build the best ship possible, how about 32-player Lethal Company lobbies? This year’s breakout horror game just got even better.

Created by ‘notnotnotswipez,’ the aptly named ‘More Company’ boosts the Lethal Company lobby size from four to 32. Now, this comes with some caveats. If you use More Company to boost the lobby size to five, six, seven, or eight players, the end-of-game UI is expanded to accommodate everyone – when you reach the end of a day, you’ll see all eight names on the missing, dead, or alive roll call screen. Go higher than eight players, and the UI won’t scale.

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I’m also curious as to whether 32 people will even fit in the ship, and if my nerves can tolerate finding the bodies of so many colleagues scattered around the facility. Nevertheless, we’ve got to hit that quota.

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