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Legacy of Kain comeback possible as Crystal Dynamics “hears” fans

A Legacy of Kain comeback could be possible for the iconic vampire game as Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics responds to a huge fan survey

Legacy of Kain comeback possible as Crystal Dynamics “hears” fans: A vampire creature, Raziel from Legacy of Kain, casts a glowing spell

Legacy of Kain, the beloved vampire game, sadly removed from Steam and GOG by Square Enix, could be making a comeback, as Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics says it “hears” fans following a huge response to its recent survey.

Back in October, Crystal Dynamics issued a survey asking players what features and ideas they’d like to see incorporated into Legacy of Kain should the classic action-adventure game make a return. In a recent earnings call with parent company Embracer, Crystal Dynamics CEO Phil Rogers outlined the huge fan response, alongside the potential for a revival of Legacy of Kain in the future.

“In the past, we’ve found that surveys typically get between 1,000 and 3,000 responses,” said Rogers, in a statement transcribed and originally reported by VGC. “But when we asked folk about Legacy of Kain, we received over 100,000 responses. 73,000 gamers completed it entirely, and if you are one of them, we thank you very much, and we appreciate it was quite an effort given the survey was pretty extensive.

“We saw the news of our survey shared across social and press platforms and we really felt this was a great way to reignite this passionate fan community with this legendary PC and console game series. Rest assured, we hear you loudly and clearly, and we will continue to update you on the what if possibilities ahead for Legacy of Kain in the future.”

Earlier in 2022, a substantial HD overhaul mod was released for the original Legacy of Kain. The last official entry in the series was the multiplayer game Nosgoth, which launched in 2013, but had its servers officially shut down just three years later.

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