Lego Minifigures Online rebuilt without free-to-play for June 29th Steam launch

Lego Minifigures Online

Lego Minifigures Online is an online action RPG which spreads its depth and abilities across 100 or so characters – think a Marvel Heroes where Captain America’s head screws off. It launched under the guidance of Secret World developers Funcom in October – but they’ve spent the months since “overhauling” the game, in particularly doing away with any free-to-play systems players might have found disagreeable.

The Norwegian studio reckon this is the definitive version of Lego Minifigures. It’s certainly the busiest, thanks to the sudden appearance cross-playing iOS and Android users.

Newcomers on phones, tablets, phablets and tablones will join existing players on PC, Mac and Linux in the same persistent world.

“Not only will it feel like a fresh, new experience for those who have played the earlier free-to-play PC version,” said Funcom CEO Rui Casais, “there is also so much potential unlocked now that you can play with each other across platforms on a broad range of devices.

“Maybe you are playing on an iPhone while your friend is on an Android tablet and your dad is on a high-powered PC; you’ll still play together, along with thousands of other LEGO fans from all over the globe.”

High-powered PC gaming: dad stuff.

Funcom have infused their game with new cinematics, voice acting, stories and unique events, and made “numerous” other major improvements. Which is lucky – playing before its launch, both Rob and Fraser found that Lego Minifigures Online underestimated its audience.

The new Lego Minifigures will come to Steam on June 29th for £24.99. Think you’ll have a look at what Funcom have built?