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This Lenovo Legion gaming laptop has a unique cooling system

Lenovo has unveiled a brand new gaming laptop, the Legion 9i, that looks to be a pixel pusher with the thinnest water cooling system in the industry.

Image of the Lenovo Legion 9i gaming laptop on an orange background.

Lenovo is well known for its prowess as a gaming laptop manufacturer, but it’s taken things one step further with its new Lenovo Legion 9i system. Inside its surprisingly thin chassis lies the thinnest water cooling system you’ll find in a portable PC, alongside some killer specs.

The unique cooling system is dubbed by Lenovo as the “thinnest water cooling in the industry.” While being incredibly thin, the cooling system is also designed to only activate once the system reaches temperatures of around 84°c, which means there’s no reason for the inclusion of a liquid pump. If that’s not enough to cool down your setup from whatever graphics intensive game you’re currently playing, the system also involves the use of three fans too.

While having a well-designed cooling system is enough to perk the ears of gaming laptop enthusiasts, the Legion 9i runs on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, and an Intel Core i9 HX processor. So it’ll be top of the line where specs are concerned with that amount of pixel pushing power.

When it comes to its display, the Legion 9i has a 16.3-inch screen, capable of refresh rates of up to 165Hz, and the chassis is decorated with a funky gray camo print, with RGB lighting around the ends.

While the Lenovo Legion 9i was officially announced, it was unveiled at an event in China (via MSPoweuser), so we don’t know the finer details of when we could see this gaming laptop hit the market in Europe or North America.

Regardless, the ingenuity of including an incredible thin cooling system, especially when gaming laptops are notorious for thermal throttling or overheating, makes me excited about the future of gaming laptops the world over.

Whether the Legion 9i will take a spot on our best Lenovo gaming laptop guide, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we hope we’ll get more information on the Lenovo Legion Go as a potential Steam Deck competitor.