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Lethal Company dev trolls players with new challenge mode update

Lethal Company's latest update adds in all-new 'challenge moons', plus a cheeky glimpse of an enemy that isn't in the game. Probably.

A person in a hazard suit and black mask, with an 'intern' sticker on their chest.

Lethal Company’s new update is here, adding a welcome new challenge mode. There are no new enemies in the new update, though an excellent piece of trolling has players wondering whether they’re going to run into a familiar but disturbing face.


As great as Lethal Company is, this co-op game doesn’t have much in the way of competition. Given that the planets are randomly generated, unless you go about seeds (the unique identifier for a level), two players are unlikely to ever get the same base.  So you can’t, for example, boast about how much faster you were at plundering a particular level.

Or, at least, you couldn’t. That’s all changed with update 47, which adds in ‘challenge moons’. Every week, a random seed is generated and that becomes that week’s replayable challenge moon.

Everyone who attempts the challenge will have the same monsters to deal with, the same level layout and so on. And they’ll be able to compare their scrap totals to their friends via a leaderboard. And that’s all that update 47 does.

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Or is it? Because in a brilliant piece of trolling by developer Zeekerss, the patch notes originally contained a disturbing take on Mickey Mouse’s Steamboat Willy incarnation. And then, according to players, it vanished from the Steam page, though it can still be seen in Zeekerss’ original tweet.

It’s almost certainly nothing more than a cheeky jab at the creators who, the moment the 1928 short became public domain, started incorporating him in their own nightmare creations. And the Lethal Company update 47 patch notes make no mention of a new monster, with Zeekerss’ explaining that won’t be happening till update 50.

A tweet with an image showing Mickey Mouse in the back of a Lethal Company level.

But it’s enough to seed (sorry) the idea that maybe Mickey is lurking somewhere in Lethal Company. And, who knows, maybe, just maybe, the last thing you see before you die will be the silhouette of those big, round ears.

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