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How to disable turrets in Lethal Company

Avoid a quick death from a deadly obstacle by learning how to disable Lethal Company turrets, either with communication or brute strength.

An employee stands with an air horn in hand, an unlikely candidate to be chosen to disable Lethal Company turrets.

How do you disable Lethal Company turrets? Sentries can make mincemeat out of your squad in a matter of seconds, leaving you a day late and a dollar short. While it is possible to run past them, it’s a risky strategy that doesn’t always pay off – especially when you don’t know what you’re running towards. So, what’s the alternative?

Thankfully, there are two major strategies you can use to temporarily turn off turrets in Lethal Company, though both will require a little coordination with your Lethal Company crew. However, with good communication and a few keystrokes, you can comfortably reduce the threat level of turrets in the indie game to that of a Lethal Company Manticoil – at least for a short duration. Here’s how to disable turrets and survive in Lethal Company.

An employee in Lethal Company stands at the ship's camera, monitoring their squad and ready to disable turrets in Lethal Company.

How to disable turrets in Lethal Company

You can temporarily turn off turrets in Lethal Company by either entering their code on the ship’s terminal or by hitting them with a shovel.

The best method to disable Lethal Company turrets is via the terminal, though it does require someone from your squad to remain in the ship. When the recon team encounters a turret, access the terminal and input ‘view monitor’ to bring up a high-quality version of the ship’s camera. Input the letter-and-number combination designating the turret and hit enter to temporarily disable the turret.

Disabling turrets using the terminal grants your teammates a small period of time to get past the turret unscathed, represented by the timer on the top right of the screen. You can disable turrets as many times as you like using this method, but be sure to communicate clearly with your teammates on the walkie-talkie so they don’t get caught out.

It’s also possible to disable turrets by hitting them with a shovel, which disrupts their targeting system and causes them to fire wildly in all directions. Turrets can still prove deadly to you when using this technique, but it does prevent them from laying down sustained fire. You can even coordinate with your team to draw nearby creatures into its firing line to quickly dispatch them.

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