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This new horror game on Steam is the next Phasmophobia

Indie developer Zeekerss' new co-op sci-fi horror game Lethal Company is gearing up to be the next Phasmophobia on Steam, and I love it.

Lethal Company: A robot wearing headphones and a red bowtie smiles

Lethal Company is shaping up to be one of this year’s biggest horror games yet, overtaking the likes of other beloved co-op indies on Steam such as Phasmophobia. Zeekerss’ new early access game manages to combine its creepy sci-fi atmosphere with chaotic co-op fun, thrusting players into the most dangerous virtual work setting they’ve ever had to endure. Lethal Company makes your day job feel like an easy, alien-free cakewalk.

If you’ve played Phasmophobia, then you know that it relies on its eerie supernatural setting to ensure you have a hard time completing any of the tasks. Lethal Company is a similar horror game in the sense that it sees you take on a job with necessary tasks in a dangerous environment, but it’s far less supernatural. Instead, it pits you against unpredictable alien life forms straight out of SCP and management that will see you dead unless you fulfill your work duties.

I’ve only just started playing Lethal Company, but I can already see myself pouring more hours into it than I did in Phasmophobia, and that’s a lot of hours. As I struggle to collect materials, I face various extraterrestrial creatures and unpredictable planetary environments. With monsters that can hear you make sounds via your microphone to others that will instantly decimate you if you look their way, the game’s alien life shows me how good I have it here on Earth.

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You can grab Lethal Company on Steam right now for $9.99 / £8.50 to see what I mean. You’ll also quickly learn that SCP-esque lifeforms aren’t the only planetary threats keeping you from making your boss happy in Zeekerss’ game. It’s all as fun as it is scary. The current Steam stats prove as much, as Lethal Company already has thousands of overwhelmingly positive reviews and a perfect score of 10/10 on Valve’s platform.

Players have left stellar reviews on all of Zeekerss’ Steam games thus far, with the 21-year-old solo developer’s previous games like It Steals and The Upturned also having overwhelmingly positive Steam reviews. This indie developer is a horror mastermind in my opinion, and I’d personally recommend keeping an eye on upcoming projects such as Welcome To The Dark Place.

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