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LG’s new OLED gaming monitor is its bendiest and most brilliant yet

With a super-tight 800mm radius curve, the new LG 34GS95QE wraps around your vision and dazzles with its bright 240Hz AGLR OLED panel.


In December last year, LG announced the latest additions to its OLED gaming monitor lineup, including the 32GS95UE – the world’s first 480Hz OLED, the ultrawide 39-inch 39GS95QE and 34-inch 34GS95QE, and several other even larger TV-like models. Well, I’ve just got my eyes and hands on the 34GS95QE, and suffice it to say, I’m quite impressed.

Some previous LG OLED monitors I’ve used haven’t entirely won me over, as they’ve lacked brightness and have struggled for real-world contrast in brighter situations. That’s mainly thanks to the screen coating reflecting ambient light and creating a greying effect on dark colors – contenders for best gaming monitor, they weren’t. However, LG’s new 2024 OLED panels – or at least some of them – use a new anti-glare and low reflection (AGLR) coating that, at least based on what I could see today, resulted in big gains in real-world image quality.

LG 34GS95QE 04

Being demoed at the CES Unveiled show event at CES 2024, LG’s teeny tiny one-table booth joined a host of largely much smaller tech titan hopefuls at this smaller-scale pre-show event. The new panel was being shown alongside one of LG’s new laptops and a new projector, and that was it. The sight of a global mega-company like LG having a booth at this event, alongside crowdfunded hopefuls or other far smaller companies, was amusing to me at least.

LG 34GS95QE 02

But back to the display, and the new AGLR coating really did seem to suppress reflections and in turn boost the contrast of the display. Being a curved panel, it actually opens itself up to being affected by reflections from even more angles than a flat panel, but the display looked essentially reflection-free from straight on, though crouching lower meant the glow of the overhead lights could be seen.

LG 34GS95QE curve

As for that curve, it’s incredibly tight, with a radius of just 800mm. Typical 34-inch ultrawide panels have a 1,200mm radius (1200R) while 1000R panels are relatively common too. 800R, though, is about as tight as these panels get. If you’re a fan of curved monitors, this one should do the trick for you.

LG 34GS95QE stand base

The panel specs aren’t particularly amazing for a modern OLED gaming monitor, with a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 and a refresh rate of 240Hz. Those are still stellar specs, of course, but plenty of other panels are hitting those numbers these days.

LG 34GS95QE rear RGB

Instead, what further delighted me was the neatly compact stand, which does away with the ungainly V-shaped feet of some big displays, saving desk space. The overall design of the panel is also smart but with just enough gamer flare to not be dull – the rear RGB lighting is neatly integrated too.

Pricing for the new panel hasn’t been confirmed yet but we expect to hear more tomorrow at LG’s big CES press conference. Meanwhile, for our current pick of the best gaming displays you can check out our best gaming monitor guide.