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LG OLED gaming monitor teased, features 240Hz refresh rate

The LG 27GR95QE-B could be a dream display of sorts for gamers wanting to upgrade their screen, featuring a 1440p resolution and super fast 240Hz refresh rate

An LG OLED gaming monitor, specifically the 27GR95QE-B, against a blurred purple space background

Cries for an LG OLED gaming monitor to hit the market continue to echo across the PC space, with current IPS and VA offerings simply failing to match up to the self-emissive tech. Thankfully, following the surprise and strangely unceremonious reveal of the 27GR95QE-B, the launch of what could be many peoples’ dream display could be just around the corner.

The LG 27GR95QE-B specs pack just about everything you could want from the best gaming monitor. For starters, it strikes the basic but important balance between resolution and refresh rate, featuring a 27-inch panel with a native 1440p resolution and silky smooth 240Hz refresh rate. Where it may leave its competitors in the dust, however, is in its response time, which the company claims comes in at a jaw dropping 0.03ms.

Armed with an OLED panel, the LG 27GR95QE-B will naturally leave basically every IPS and VA panel in the dust when it comes to contrast thanks to its per pixel dimming capabilities. This will benefit SDR gaming, but will be truly transformative when playing games in HDR.

It won’t come cheap, mind. You’ll need to cough up a penny shy of $1000 USD to pick the LG 27GR95QE-B up. It appears that you’ll have time to save up, though, as the product page doesn’t contain a release date. It could very well be the case that we’ll need to wait until CES 2023 to find out more about this spectacular screen.

Ah well, at least we have the likes of the Alienware AW3423DW and Asus ROG Swift PG48UQ to tide us over until then.