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Get a 1080p LG gaming monitor for under $100 with this fantastic deal

Gaming monitors don't come much cheaper than this LG 24MP450-B deal, with its 24-inch IPS screen and 1080p resolution for just $99.

lg 24mp450-b gaming monitor deal

If you’re after a cheap and cheerful gaming monitor to get your gaming PC journey started or provide a starting point for a loved one’s first gaming setup, this latest LG gaming monitor deal is ideal. For just $99 you get a 24-inch panel mounted, which sports a 1080p resolution, on a height adjustable stand.

For comparison, our current budget choice on our best gaming monitor guide is the AOC 24G2SP, which costs around $140. An extra $40 may not seem like a huge leap but that’s a 40% increase and when you’re putting together a whole gaming PC, those sorts of difference add up fast.

One of the crucial features of this display that should give it wide appeal is that it uses an IPS LCD panel. These generally offer the best balance of image quality – with feature such as good viewing angles and accurate color reproduction – with a reasonably fast response time. Displays that use VA LCD panels – such as the AOC 24G2S (without the P) – offer higher contrast but slower response while TN LCD panels have even faster response but generally poor image quality.

Back to this specific display and it does have one downside that may put some users off. It’s limited to a 75Hz refresh rate, which isn’t really fast enough for any gamers looking to play more competitive titles – Counter-Strike 2, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, etc – but is fast enough for other types of games and a small increase in smoothness of 60Hz monitors. If you do need a faster refresh rate display, the AOC 24G2SP above goes up to 165Hz.

More recently priced at a $130, and being as high as $175 in the past, this current pricing is the lowest the LG 24MP450-B has been on Amazon and represents a great buy right now.

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