Life By You is coming for Sims 4, with early access confirmed for 2023

Life By You, the life game from Cities Skylines’ Paradox, will take on Sims 4 in 2023, as Steam wishlisting goes live and Life By You early access is confirmed.

Life By You is coming for Sims 4, with early access confirmed for 2023: A person with sunglasses in front of a colourful artwork in life game Life By You

After dominating the genre for so many years, it seems Sims 4 finally has a rival in the form of Life By You, the new life game from Cities Skylines publisher Paradox. With new gameplay footage and details emerging today, Life By You Steam wishlisting is available now, and full preorders are available via the Epic Games Store. Early access is also confirmed for later in 2023, ahead of the full Life By You release date.

Life By You early access starts September 12, 2023. You can preorder Life By You on the Epic Games Store for $39.99 USD (£34.99 GBP) or head over to Steam to add it to your wishlist.

Developed by Paradox Tectonic, a subdivision of Cities Skylines publisher Paradox Interactive, Life By You looks to set itself apart and above The Sims by offering deeper and more detailed life game features, and expansive options for modding and customisation. Check out the new Life By You trailer below:

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Conversations between your characters are held in real language, rather than a manufactured, Simlish-type speak. Paradox is also set to provide extensive creator tools, allowing you to build and integrate anything you want into the game.

You can also create your own conversations – the same tools that Paradox uses to make conversations in Life By You will be available to players. This means you can write your own conversation strands and bulk import them into your own game. Similarly, Life By You’s community support will mean that players can share conversations that they have scripted with one another.

As a matter of fact, all of the tools that Paradox uses will be available to players, including the model, script, and quest editors. There are no load screens in Life By You and you can instantly switch between any of your characters at any time, regardless of where they are located – be it at home, at work, or socialising.

In traditional life game style, you can forge a career, start a family, and build a home. However, Life By You also allows you to design and build your own in-game businesses, and switch from third-person observation to full gameplay – as well as watching and directing your characters as they go about their lives, you can swap to direct control, and play as them personally.

“Life By You evolves the life simulation genre with modern style, real language conversation, and unprecedented freedom of expression,” Paradox Tectonic general manager Rod Humble explains. “The game’s extensive customisation tools allow for unparalleled levels of storytelling, and I can’t wait to see what creations players come up with once they dive into early access this summer.”

“Paradox Tectonic’s vision for this game fits naturally with our wider philosophy of ‘we create the games, you create the stories’,” Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester continues. “We’re eager to see what types of stories players create in this new sandbox.”

Of course, The Sims 5 release date is also on the horizon, which means that the life game rivlary could get very hot indeed in 2023. You might also want to try out some of the other best management games, or keep your eye on the other upcoming games expected this year.