Life is Strange 2 is confirmed

Life is Strange GOTY

Well, it turns out the rumours were true. In a short announcement video published by Dontnod, the French developer have confirmed that they are working on a sequel to Life is Strange.

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This news validates several rumours about a second season of Life is Strange being in the works, with Dontnod’s co-founder Alain Damaiso previously stating that he would “participate in Life is Strange 2” once Square Enix gave them the greenlight. It seems that they have indeed given them the go ahead and with the original Life is Strange just reaching the 3 million copies sold milestone, I imagine Square Enix are confident about the sequel replicating those numbers.

According to Dontnod, production on the Life is Strange sequel actually started after the release of the physical version in January of last year. While they didn’t have any in-game footage to show in this short video message, they assured fans that they will be sharing more in the future. Don’t expect anything at E3 however, as Dontnod have said on their blog that the sequel isn’t quite ready for the show.

Besides the obvious big news, Dontnod took the time to thank everyone who bought and played through Life is Strange, especially those who sent them letters, cosplay pictures and even gifts to thank them for making the original. Some fans had even sent them statues, such is their love for Life is Strange. Hopefully, Dontnod can live up to the hype with this sequel.