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Life is Strange 3 reveal set for next week at Square Enix Presents

The next Life is Strange will feature an "all-new protagonist wielding an exciting new power"

Square Enix Presents will be a 40-minute presentation on the publisher’s upcoming games, and the company has confirmed in a press release that the event will “include the world premiere of the next game in the critically acclaimed and award-winning Life is Strange series, featuring an all-new protagonist wielding an exciting new power.”

The event will take place on March 18 at 10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EDT / 5:00PM GMT on YouTube and Twitch. The next Life is Strange game is being positioned as the headliner here, and the press release we’ve received doesn’t make mention of Final Fantasy XVI or many of the other major, internal Japanese titles the company is known for. (Though we will get another look at the still-bewildering platform game Balan Wonderworld.)

The event will also include more information on loot shooter Outriders and loot puncher Avengers. There’ll also be something on “the ongoing celebration for the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider” – which might just involve that Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy that leaked last weekend.

There will also be a handful of mobile titles, including Just Cause Mobile and some new phone games from Square Enix Montreal, but you should check out our friends at Pocket Tactics for better coverage of those. There will also be some info on the “whimsical games” from Taito.

If there are any further surprise announcements for upcoming PC games at the event, Square Enix is keeping them under wraps for now. Life is Strange fans have reason to get excited, but Final Fantasy fans should probably keep their expectations in check.