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Light No Fire release date estimate and latest news

Sean Murray took the stage to announce the next project from Hello Games, and it has a lot of similarities to their previous game No Man's Sky.

light no sky logo of a hand reaching up to a red orb

When is the Light No Fire release date? The survival sandbox game was announced at The Game Awards in 2023, and it immediately caught our attention thanks to its Valheim vibes and colorful fantasy world. Developer Hello Games has been working on No Man’s Sky for over a decade, so it was a welcome surprise to see co-founder Sean Murray join Geoff Keighley on stage to reveal the studio’s next ambitious title.

Like Valheim, Light No Fire is an exploration and building game in an open world featuring a variety of  procedurally generated biomes, enemies, and resources. Murray outlines the team’s goal to create “a planet that is as varied as a universe” – and from the gameplay trailers we’ve seen so far, the scale of its mountains and seas is certainly vast. Murray touts Light No Fire as “the first real open world” game, so let’s dig into everything we know ahead of the release date.

Light No Fire release date estimate

We expect the Light No Fire release date to fall in late 2024 at the earliest. The open-world game has been in development for more than five years already, so we suspect we won’t have too long to wait. However, its massive scope may demand more development time, so we can’t rule out a 2025 release just yet.

Sean Murray revealed the game at The Game Awards with the official announcement trailer below. We know that its coming to PC via Steam, though the trailer gave no indication of any additional platforms or consoles. However, given the proliferation of No Man’s Sky across PC, consoles, and even the iPad, we expect that Light No Fire will appear on all major platforms.

While we do know that Light No Fire is a multiplayer-driven experience, Hello Games is yet to confirm if it’s a co-op game with a limited number of players on individual servers or if it will be closer to an MMO experience.

On Steam, Light No Fire is described as “a multiplayer Earth” that’s teeming with wild beasts and “thick with lore”. What any of that means for Light No Fire’s story remains to be seen, but it looks like the planet is one big mystery to solve.

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Light No Fire trailer

After an overview of the history of No Man’s Sky and all the work Hello Games has put into it, Sean Murray and Geoff Keighley revealed that the fantastical open-world game has been in the works for five years. Light No Fire bears a remarkable resemblance with its general look and feel to No Man’s Sky, but it’s clearly set on a single planet rather than 18 quintillion of them – and this one even has little rabbit people!

As you can see in the trailer, this massive land has quite a few gorgeous biomes to explore, with massive mountains to scale and, more importantly, dragons to ride and habitats to build. No doubt fans of No Man’s Sky will love every minute of it.

In a press release, Hello Games states that Light No Fire has the depth of an RPG game and the freedom of a survival sandbox. They also emphasized four design pillars: a multiplayer Earth, a procedural Earth, a fantasy Earth, and an unexplored Earth where every mountain can be climbed.

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