Light is stuck in the shadows of Kickstarter


A lot of games are about dressing up, aren’t they? Not usually so explicitly as Hitman or Assassin’s Creed: Liberation – but fundamentally about wearing the skin of a soldier or spaceman or speeding car, all of us Buffalo Bills for our own particular power fantasies.

Light is literally about dressing up – pinching the outfits of guards not conscious enough to want them and wearing them to parties in high security areas. It’s a 2D stealth game, and I think it might be plenty of peoples’ power fantasy.

Light comes armed with the premise of Payday, the high fashion of Hitman, the clean neon visage of Frozen Synapse and the unfulfilled promise of Prison Architect dev Introversion’s Subversion.

It development team has no such names to drop, though. They’re simply a tiny indie outfit whose month-long project garnered enough positive froth on Steam Greenlight and Reddit to justify expanding the game beyond the limits of their personal finances. Here’s their pitch:

You can see in the pitch some clear homage to Monaco too, along with the hacking and door opening fun of Gunpoint, making Light a stealth game with an exceptional DNA. Oddly enough though for a game so promising at such an early stage, Light is struggling to accumulate support. With only five days remaining on the Kickstarter clock, the project has pulled in just over £5,000 of it’s £20,000 target. We’ve seen projects with similar funding woes go through the roof on the final day, but it’s always a tough time.

We’d rather like for Light see the sun, so why not take a look at the Kickstarter campaign page and have a think about pledging. Like yesterday’s Middle of Nowhere, despite being in pre-alpha Light has a demo to help you decide if you want to provide two-person development team Just a Pixel with some finance. And if you do decide to help, the range of rewards on offer may not be the Collector’s Editions bonuses handed out by the bigger outfits, but are suitably intimate.