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How to get Caroots and Caroot Oil in Lightyear Frontier

An essential material for some lofty mid-game upgrades, finding, foraging, and cultivating Caroots in Lightyear Frontier can be difficult.

Fully-grown Caroots ready to be harvested in Lightyear Frontier.

Where do you find Caroots to make Caroot Oil in Lightyear Frontier? One eventually becomes the other with the help of a farm-favourite machine, but acquiring what’s at the root of it all (get it?) is quite the process if you don’t know where to look. If you need all the caroots on your quiet little edge of the galaxy, read on: you’ll get some handy upgrades for your efforts.

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How to get Caroots in Lightyear Frontier

Caroots can be found by venturing over to the Edge Cliffs area just south of the Meadow you’ve likely set as your base of operations.

Just follow the paths and you should start to see small clusters of tall leaves sticking out of the ground. These aren’t weeds: they’re the caroots you’ve been searching for. Pluck them from the ground either with your handheld Pickaxe or the mech’s vacuum harvester to obtain Caroot Seeds.

A circled Lightyear Frontier map showing where to get Caroots.

You’ll need to restore Edge Cliffs to its former glory to continue to reap the rewards of this resource-rich area, but you can suck up caroots with your mech’s vacuum tool without committing to the rescue effort.

Edge Cliffs also isn’t the only place on the map with Caroots in abundance, but it’s one of the easier places to grab a bunch of these veggies as and when you need them.

Once you’ve exhausted the clusters of caroots in Edge Cliffs, it’s time to start planting your own. You can get more caroot seeds from the traveling merchant each morning once you’ve found some of your own, but planting those you first found in the wild is the best way to go about it.

Caroot seeds take a few days to mature once planted and require watering every day, but the more you put in, the more you’ll get back – it literally pays to plant them early. Start the process and you’ll wind up in a healthy cycle of caroot production in no time.

How to get Caroot Oil in Lightyear Frontier

Once you’ve gathered some caroots, you just need to chuck a bunch into the Oil Presser and wait a few minutes. Check out the pointers above to harvest a bunch of the required materials lickety-split.

Need that stuff faster? You can churn out Caroot Oil at speed by building multiple pressers. And if you need more oil than your supplies can produce, do the extra legwork to stuff the machines under a Workshop Shed. That way you’ll occasionally get two bottles of oil from one caroot.

An example of how to use Caroots in Lightyear Frontier.

What are Caroots used for in Lightyear Frontier?

Once pressed into Caroot Oil, this relatively rare material is used to unlock essential Mech upgrades like the Irrigation Hose and Sprint Speed buffs. You’ll need these to continue cleaning the surrounding areas of the planet.

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