Stardew Valley mod turns this base game area into a mini DLC

This Stardew Valley mod turns the Witch Swamp into a mini DLC, complete with an NPC, quests, new items, and a handful of reworks as well.

Stardew valley mod Witch Swamp expansion

If you’ve been hoping for some Stardew Valley DLC while waiting for Haunted Chocolatier, you’ll be over the moon hearing about this brand new mod that basically turns one part of the farming life game into an entire expansion. If you’ve always wanted a fair bit more from the Witch Swamp, this is the mod for you.

Stardew Valley mod Distant Lands – A Small Witch Swamp Expansion from ‘Aimon111’ does exactly what you think it does – it expands the Witch Swamp in Stardew Valley. You get some revamped visuals for the swamp, alongside an endgame NPC, quests, items, fish, crops, and more in the life game.

While the mod is really for endgame players after they’ve done Community Center bundles, it’s still got a lot on offer to bring you back to Pelican Town.

Stardew valley mod Witch Swamp expansion

The new NPC is the Goblin Zic, based on the henchman you give Void Mayonnaise to. He’s got his own loves, likes, and dislikes that I won’t be spoiling here, but adding him to the Swamp does give it some extra life.

Then there are the 20 new conditional quests and events to help give you some extra purpose, with the ‘zoedoll’ Alect the Witch NPC mod also getting some specific quests. Then there are four new fish, two new crops, and two new forage items too. You’ve even got four new food dishes and a special crafting recipe too. So this Stardew Valley mod is really pulling out all the stops to get you back into the game, that’s for sure.

You can find the Witch Swamp overhaul mod right here, and it’ll keep you busy while you wait for the Stardew Valley concert tour, if you manage to get tickets that is.

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