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Where to find Copper for Copper Wire in Lightyear Frontier

Once you've made a solid start with the intergalactic farming venture, you'll soon need to source Copper to make Copper Wire for essential upgrades.

Lightyear Frontier isn't a Stardew Valley clone: a view of the tank-like mech you control, stationary on a verdant field

Where is the Copper location in Lightyear Frontier? If you’re in desperate need of Copper Wire to bring your new-found farm to all-new heights, you’re going to have to work for it. Unlike Aluminium, you won’t be able to procure this valuable material without a couple of upgrades to your mech. Once they’re sorted, you’ll then need to know where to look.

Jumping the gun a bit? You might find that you need to know how to restore Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier first. More often than not it’s the second zone you’ll wander into; and the one hosting a lot of the basic materials you’ll need to make a solid start. With that done, you’ll then want to figure out how to build the Merchant Landing to start making (and spending) some space money.

Where to find Copper in Lightyear Frontier

You can find small amounts of copper in Lightyear Frontier by heading to the Edge Cliffs area of the map. If you haven’t uncovered it yet, just head south from the Meadows area until you trigger the restoration mission.

Once there, you’ll find a few copper deposits along the grassier edges of the top cliffs in either direction of the clearing.

Lightyear Frontier copper location.

To dramatically increase the Copper deposits in the area, restore it by clearing any Noxious Weeds and sludge and feed Nice Fodder from a Fodder Oven to the various animal nests – two on the cliffs and one in a short cave at the base.

The day after doing this, the pathway leading up to the cliff top (pictured) should become laced with around 7–8 Copper nodes.

You’ll need an upgraded Spike Saw to mine for Copper. You can unlock it via the Mech’s Upgrade Depot.

How to get Copper Wire in Lightyear Frontier

To get Copper Wire in Lightyear Frontier, you just need to process Copper Ore in the Assembler. You’ll unlock the means to do so as you acquire your first Copper Ore.

Turning Copper Ore into Copper Wire requires two ore per wire. If you’re scared of running short and don’t want to wait days for the nodes to replenish, consider putting in the work to build an Assembler under the roof of a Workshop Shed. That way you’ll have a chance to get a second Copper Wire with each craft.

You can imagine it like you’re reducing the cost of a wire to a single copper, but the reality is that the slim chance of it happening means you just get a free one every once in a while.

What is Copper for in Lightyear Frontier?

For the most part, Lightyear Frontier’s Copper Ore is turned into Copper Wire for the purpose of crafting Mech upgrades like Sprint Speed and non-essential crafts like the Weather Station and Flower Press.

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