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How to get Rabbages in Lightyear Frontier

Rabbages are a material linked to early/mid progression in Lightyear Frontier that you might struggle to find if you don't know where to look.

A Lightyear Frontier character in front of their farm.

Where can you find Rabbages in Lightyear Frontier? The little play on words on show is a simple clue as to where you’ll find the easy-growing space veggies. At the very least, it’ll tell you what to look out for, and that’s an important aspect given you’ll need a veritable shed full of the things to get some important upgrades for your mech.

If we’re right in assuming you’re not too far into Lightyear Frontier right now, you’ll probably learn something by reading up on how to restore Pine Heights. And once you’re done with that, you might want to figure out how to build the Merchant Landing to start making some big space money to spend on silly cosmic furniture and flashy parts for your trusty farmech.

Where to find Rabbages in Lightyear Frontier

You can get Rabbages in the Pine Heights biome more often than not. They’re typically found in abundance, too, meaning you won’t have to try too hard to grab all the veggies you need.

To spot Rabbages in Pine Heights, it’s best to follow the paths up into the higher areas. Along the way, you should see clusters of red foliage right on the path. They’re almost luminous against the green surroundings. Those are the Rabbages you’re looking for. Yes, that’s likely what led to their name. They’re just red cabbages.

A map circled to show where and how to get Rabbages in Lightyear Frontier.

To harvest the Rabbages out in Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier, just turn to your trusty mech’s vacuum tool. You can also pluck them manually with your fancy pickaxe and shoot them into your mech’s inventory if you prefer.

Pulling Rabbages up from Pine Heights won’t get you veggies ready to turn into useful oil, though. You’ll only get Rabbage Seeds. Once you’ve harvested all the seeds you need, you’ll want to craft enough allotment beds to host them all.

Use the Seed Shooter to stuff nine seeds into each bed, water every day (unless it’s raining) and harvest them with the vacuum again once they’re fully grown.

That’ll see complete Rabbages flood your inventory as well as the seeds needed to grow another patch of the things. That’s sustainable living!

Rabbages growing alongside other crops in Lightyear Frontier.

What are Rabbages used for in Lightyear Frontier?

First and foremost, you’ll be squishing Rabbages in Lightyear Frontier to make Rabbage Oil. Requiring just a single Rabbage per bottle, you’ll likely still need plenty of veggies to put the produce to good use. It’s not like you can eat them.

Rabbage Oil is used in the following crafts and upgrades to name a few:

  • Red Lens
  • Sour Fodder
  • Irrigation Hose Power I
  • Spike Saw Damage I
  • Thruster Boost

If you’re struggling to find and farm enough Rabbages to get enough oil, the best thing to do is ensure you’re crafting Rabbage Oil beneath a Workshop Shed.

Any production facility placed under a Workshop Shed is improved automatically. For the Oil Presser specifically, it unlocks the chance to double any completed output. That means you’ll occasionally get two Rabbage Oil bottles from a single craft, turning it from a 1:1 conversion rate to a 2:1 conversion rate instead.

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