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The best Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth weapons and where to find them

In a game as massive as Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, you could spend a long time looking for the best weapons - so we've done it for you.

The best Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth weapons: a character with bushy, brown hair grimaces in a swirl of green and teal smoke and lights

What are the best Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth weapons? You’ll need to outfit Ichiban Kasuga and his charming crew of companions with some serious firepower if you’re to survive the surreal mix of mobs who roam the streets of Honolulu and Yokohama. To ensure you don’t end up tasting concrete and losing your hard-earned cash, we’ve put together a list of the best Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth weapons that should keep you fighting fit throughout the game’s 14 chaotic chapters.

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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons

Here are the best Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth weapons:

  • Cyber Choker
  • Ignition Wrench
  • Ascender No.1919
  • Roaring Lightening
  • Ulysses Butterfly Whip
  • True Legendary Hero’s Bat
  • Level 50 Bonds

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: cyber choker

Cyber Choker

  • Location: Treasure Select Pawn (Chinatown)
  • Job: Heiress
  • Star rating: 2

We managed to pick it up during one of Infinite Wealth’s early dungeons, but you can also find the Cyber Choker for a measly $123 at Treasure Select Pawn in Chinatown, Honolulu. Despite the formidable enemies surrounding the shop, this electric weapon is well worth the trip, given how it can stack the combat deck in your favour early on.

The Cyber Choker is made specifically for Chitose’s Heiress job and primarily exploits the familiar weakness of electricity shared by many of Infinite Wealth’s mobs. Beyond that, any attacks or weapon skills performed while wearing the Cyber Choker will have a chance to buff your critical hit rate. With an increased chance of dealing major damage (especially when stacked up against a weak enemy), the Cyber Choker is a fantastic budget buy in the early game.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: ignition

Ignition Wrench

  • Location: Julie’s Workshop (Any Location)
  • Job: Cabbie
  • Star rating: 3

Crafting is much more complicated than simply walking into a shop and handing over the cash; even so, the Ignition Wrench for Tomi’s Cabbie job is undoubtedly worth the investment – especially as you begin to venture further across Infinite Wealth’s map and need to start exploiting weaknesses to succeed in battle.

The Ignition Wrench boasts a fiery elemental infusion and the ability to inflict Burn on enemies, which will deal tick damage every turn for as long as the ailment is inflicted. Using the Ignition Wrench on a ‘boss’ mob at the start of combat is a great way to take them down a few notches while you chip away at them with magic for the rest of the engagement.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: ascender

Ascender No. 1919

  • Location: Hyper Ecstasy (Twilight Drive)
  • Job: Detective
  • Star rating: 4

Honolulu’s premier adult shop, Hyper Ecstasy, is located on Twilight Drive in Honolulu, and it’s a treasure trove of weapons with great effects. The top choice in the selection is the Ascender No. 1919, a pink four-star police baton for Adachi that comes in at a reasonable $5,650.

The Ascender’s ace in the hole is that it provides Adachi with the chance to instantly KO enemies with attacks and weapon skills, regardless of their HP or level. You might think this would activate sparingly, but in our experience, Adachi will ‘instantly decimate’ enemies pretty regularly. Personally, I found this weapon to be so powerful and time-saving that I kept Adachi using it right through to the credits, upgrading it gradually at Julie’s Workshop.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: lightning

Roaring Lightning

  • Location: Julie’s Workshop (Any location)
  • Job: Desperado
  • Star rating: 6

Another crafted masterpiece, Roaring Lightning, is an essential late-game gun for the Desperado class. It costs $79,200, requires a Facility Rank of 4 and deals lightning damage, but you should strive for it for the special effect. Like the Ascender, the Roaring Lightning allows the Desperado to instantly KO with attacks and weapon skills.

When taking risks with dangerous enemies, having a chance to take them out, no matter their health can be a lifesaver. On top of this, the Desperado has plenty of ‘enemy area’ abilities that can chip away at groups of foes. With more chances to activate the special effect, you’ll be surprised at how useful this can be when you’re overwhelmed by gangs of enemies.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: bat

True Legendary Hero’s Bat

  • Location: Julie’s Workshop (Any location)
  • Job: Hero
  • Star rating: 7

A mighty warrior demands a mighty weapon, and there is no better choice for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth co-protagonist Ichiban Kasuga than the True Legendary Hero’s Bat.

An evolution of Kasuga’s famous barbed wire bat from Yakuza Like a Dragon, the True Legendary Hero’s Bat is extremely powerful in the stats department and boasts additional electrical damage to downed enemies.

While it is undoubtedly a late-game crafting option, the base material is the one-star Hero’s Bat, so it isn’t so off-limits if you’re wily with your money. Its intense power delivers deathly elemental blows and randomised lightning strikes that can quickly take out hordes of bad guys.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: butterly

Ulysses Butterfly Whip

  • Location: Julie’s Workshop (Any location)
  • Job: Night Queen
  • Star rating: 7

Our list is stacked with dangerous weapons, but the Ulysses Butterfly Whip takes the cake by combining raw power with deadly effects. Available to the Night Queen class for a costly $140,000, the Ulysses Butterfly Whip provides the user with the instant KO buff featured elsewhere in this guide but doubles down on that front by making it an even higher chance if the enemy’s health is low. In that respect, it is the ultimate tool for tackling the last third of a tricky mob’s health bar.

But wait, there’s more! Once you defeat an enemy, the whip ‘greatly buffs’ your critical rate, leading to an avalanche of damage if you can chain together the effect activations. While collecting the parts can be a bit of a hassle, it is well worth the effort and might even be worth pivoting to the Night Queen job if you’re struggling in the late game.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth best weapons: bonds

Level 50 Bonds

  • Location: N/A
  • Job: Any
  • Star rating: N/A

Not to get all ‘friendship is *actually* the most powerful thing in the world’ on you, but seriously, in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, it really is. While it’s not considered a weapon, per se, raising your bonds with each party member will make your combat experience so much easier by providing each character with devastating Tag Team and Combo Attacks and the increased ability to follow up when an enemy is downed.

As you play Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you’ll notice that various actions such as eating meals, offering gifts and completing the ticket icons on the map will help to level up the bond you share with your party members. In the late game, you can hit the strip club, cabaret or hostess bar to raise those bonds even higher. At every ten levels, you’ll unlock a ‘Drink Link’ where Kasuga or Kiryu will sit down with the character and have an intimate chat, unlocking a new combat skill in the process. Don’t sleep on this, as the bond abilities can absolutely make the difference in a tough boss fight.

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