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Gorgeous new Steam farming game is like Stardew Valley in space

Take the amazing crafting of Stardew Valley and cross it with the galactic scale of Starfield, and you get a great new Steam farming game.

Little-Known Galaxy Steam farming game: The deck of a spaceship in new Steam farming game Little-Known Galaxy

I had a lot to look forward to with Starfield, but primarily – more than the ships, the combat, and the quests – I was anticipating finding a nice homestead on a quiet little planet, and raising my own crops. This was always the dream in Skyrim, to one day retire the sword and shield and settle into a calm, picturesque pastoral lifestyle. Inspired by Stardew Valley but with a healthy dose of sci-fi, and landmark launches like No Man’s Sky, a new farming game has just hit Steam, and you can even try it for free.

Little-Known Galaxy is a cozy RPG and farming game, where you play a rookie space captain on a mission to the mysterious ‘Gray Planet,’ the rumored site of a powerful and ancient relic. More important, however, is that you and your crew survive the journey – as you hop between planets, searching for clues, you need to transform your ship into a comfortable, wholesome living space, and forge friendships and romances with your companions.

Customize the size and shape of your deck, install planters and systems for crop cultivation, and transform your vessel into a giant floating space ranch. You can decorate your ship however you want, spend time nurturing and perfecting crops, and even raise passels of alien livestock.

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Through expansive dialogue and conversations, which change from day to day, you’ll gradually form a community within your crew. Beginning with 20 members, you’ll also meet and recruit new comrades on your travels, and can exchange gifts and organize special events and meetings to forge romances.

Scour your ship for microbes, and you can use them as the foundation blocks for new research, unlocking extra plants, buildables, and abilities as you progress. While a lot of the planets you explore are calm and idyllic, some are hostile, so there are also combat encounters to test your leadership skills. Boost production, foster relationships, and slowly make your way up the ranks to become the ultimate star captain.

Released on Monday May 20, there’s even a free demo for Little-Known Galaxy, so you can try it before you commit. If you want to give it a spin, or buy the full game for $19.99/£16.75, just head right here.

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