Loop hero tile combos and synergies

All the card combinations you can create during a loop

The Loop Hero and the Lich overlooking a board with tile combos

Looking for a guide to all the tile combinations in Loop Hero? If you’ve been playing the roguelike deckbuilding game for a couple of loops, you’ve probably noticed that placing down certain card combinations near each other can result in one of these cards transforming into something new – for better or for worse.

Loop Hero is all about carefully balancing your expeditions in order to maximise your loot, without compromising on your ability to take on more challenging foes as you progress to higher loops. There’s a large amount of theorycrafting and experimentation that goes into each run, but if you’d rather not figure these tile combos out for yourself and instead use a comprehensive list of all the Loop Hero combos in the game so far, we’re here to make your looping life a little easier.

We’ve listed every instance where tiles transform into a completely different tile, but there are other powerful combinations – like placing a Swamp, which turns all healing effects lethal, next to a Vampire Mansion. The Vampires’ blood-sucking ways will then damage them instead of healing them – serves ‘em right for chowing down on your precious neck.

These are all the Loop hero combos, and how to create them:

A Village?

Generated by placing ten Forest and/or Thicket tiles down. It spawns a Wooden Warrior every two days.

Abandoned Bookery

After 20 card exchanges, the Bookery transforms into an Abandoned Bookery, adding Tome enemies to fights. If the Abandoned Bookery shares a tile with a Vampire Mansion, this creates Vampire mages. If it shares a tile with a Temporal Beacon, this creates Watcher Mages.

Bandit Camp

Generated for every two Village tiles you place. The Bandit Camp spawns a Bandit every two days; there’s a chance they can steal your stuff, which is a real pain. However, Bandits can’t enter Count’s Lands.

The Blood Path tile combination in Loop Hero, from several overlapping Battlefields

Blood Path

If two Battlefield or Shipwreck tiles are placed close to each other, any shared empty tiles become Blood Paths. They spawn a Blood Clot every four days.

Blooming Meadow

Created by placing a Meadow next to a non-Meadow tile. When generated, they provide a Noticeable Charge. They heal you for three HP at the start of the day, as opposed to two HP from a standard Meadow.

Burned Forest

Placing Forest or Thicket tiles in the path of Storm Temple tiles sets them on fire, creating a Burned Forest, which grants a 0.5% boost to the Hero’s magic damage.

The Count's Lands combination in Loop Hero, where a Vampire Mansion has taken over a village

Count’s Lands

After three loops, a Ransacked Village becomes a Count’s Lands. This tile heals HP upon entering and gives you a better quest than a standard Village does.

Empty Treasury

Unsurprisingly, this is what you’re left with when you’ve surrounded a Treasury tile with other tiles and received its bounty. It spawns a Gargoyle every three days.

Ransacked Village

Generated by placing a Vampire Mansion next to a Village. Spawns up to four Ghouls per loop.  Transforms into a Count’s Lands after three loops; removing the Vampire Mansion won’t change it back once it’s transformed.

Goblin Camp

A Goblin Camp spawns for each ten Mountain or Rock tiles you place down. Each Goblin Camp spawns a Goblin every day.

Goblin Lookout

Created by placing a Swamp next to the Goblin Camp. It adds a Goblin Archer to battles on adjacent tiles.

The Hungry Grove tile combination highlighted in Loop Hero

Hungry Grove

When a Blood Grove’s neighbouring Grove, Forest, or Thicket is destroyed, it transforms into a Hungry Grove. This tile will occasionally attack the Hero, but it kills enemies with less than 20% remaining HP.

Mountain Peak

Generated by placing Rock and/or Mountain tiles in a 3×3 grid. It grants extra HP and spawns a Harpy every two days. This can only occur once per map, but you can destroy one of the tiles with Oblivion and then replace it with another Rock or Mountain to gain the benefits of Mountain Peak for a second time.


Placing Desert or Sand Dunes next to a River turns the River into an Oasis. This tile lowers the Hero’s attack speed by 0.5%, but lowers every other creature’s attack speed by 1%.

Overgrown Field

Created by destroying a Village next to Wheat Fields, or placing Wheat Fields next to A Village? Spawns a Scarecrow every four days and creates Field of Blades on empty tiles during combat.


Generated by placing a River close to the road, which requires a Bridge. Spawns a Fishman every three days.

The Loop Hero tile combination Shipwreck, from a River and Battlefield in close proximity


Created by placing a Battlefield next to a River; the Battlefield then becomes a Shipwreck. It spawns one chest and one Siren every loop, and has a chance to turn enemies killed on adjacent tiles into ghosts.

There you have it – all the Loop Hero tile combinations you can perform in the game so far. The camp can also benefit from arranging tiles in a certain way; placing five Suburb tiles next to each other creates a Town, which doubles the Suburb’s effects. If you’re hungry for more info, we’ve got lots more Loop Hero tips & tricks – and we’ve also figured out how to summon the Loop Hero secret boss, if you think you’re up to the challenge.