How to unlock Loop Hero’s secret boss fight

Learn how to summon Loop Hero’s secret boss

The fight against the four hidden bosses in Loop Hero

Are you ready to unlock Loop Hero’s secret boss fight? The secret bosses in Loop Hero are some of the hardest enemies in the entire game, but this fight is easily missed unless you follow specific steps. You can summon these enemies at any point in the game – some players have even reported accidentally stumbling into this fight, unsure of how they managed it.

While you can summon the boss portal at almost any time, it’s highly recommended that you hold off on attempting this fight until you are very comfortable with the game. Definitely check out our Loop Hero beginners guide to get a better understanding before tackling the hardest boss fight Loop Hero has to offer.

The enemies that appear in this secret boss fight are actually named after the developers, which might explain why this battle is so difficult. Compared to the final boss in the game, the effects on these enemies are ridiculously overpowered and scale depending on how long you’ve played the game. Here’s everything you need in order to summon Loop Hero’s secret boss.

Summoning Loop Hero’s secret boss

You can create the portal to the bosses as early as chapter one, though you almost certainly will not be able to take these enemies down. The only requirement we’ve discovered is that you need to beat the boss in Act Two, otherwise the wisps will not appear.

Summoning Loop Hero’s secret boss requires you to have six unique overlapping blue aura tiles in one concentrated area. The best place for these tiles is in the u-bend in the loop, giving you plenty of room to connect the auras of each tile.

When these tiles are in place, blue wisps should begin to appear on one of the tiles. Strike the tile emitting the blue wisps with an Oblivion card to create a dimensional rift. Walking into the rift will trigger the boss fight – the four enemies are always the same, so you won’t need to worry about this battle changing suddenly.

Finding the perfect loop to prepare you with all the gear needed for this fight is tough, fortunately you have total control of when you attempt this battle. Knowing what the bosses are capable of before going into the fight will give you a big advantage.

A loop hero playthrough displaying the auras needed to create the dimension rift for the secret bosses

Here’s a breakdown of all four of the Loop hero bosses:


  • Pacifist – Against the Warrior: always the first target in battle and receives double damage
  • Grind – Health is equal to the number of monsters slain on the save multiplied by two
  • Item Lover – -2% health for each empty slot in the camp supply
  • Deadline – +100% attack speed when health is lower than 20%
  • 10% Vampirism
  • +20 Attack speed


  • Teamwork – Always the second target in battle
  • Bunnyhop – Evasion is equal to loops completed in this expedition multiplied by two, no more than 50%
  • Musica Universalis – Increased attack power
  • Procrastination – 30% chance to skip the attack
  • 10% Vampirism
  • 30% Chance hit won’t happen
  • +20% Attack speed
  • +8% Damage


  • Life-loving – Against the Necromancer: always the first target in battle and receives double damage
  • Perfectionism – +5 damage for each unoccupied camp tile
  • Story lover – -1% for each unlocked monster article, no more than 50%
  • Useless debate – When the health is lower than 60%, causes the entire team to argue for three seconds
  • 10% Vampirism
  • +20% Attack speed


  • Gullible – Against the Rogue, always the first target in battle and receives double damage
  • Speedrun – +1% attack speed for each occupied tile in this expedition
  • Casual – -25% defence for each chapter after the first one
  • Not bug, but feature – When health reaches 1%: either gives up, or gets +100% health and fully heals
  • 10% Vampirism
  • +36% Attack speed

And that’s all there is to know about Loop Hero’s secret boss fight. Once you’ve beaten this boss, it’s safe to say you have fully completed the game. Congrats!