New Lords of the Fallen roadmap brimming with incredible free DLC

A new and free Lords of the Fallen roadmap for the rest of 2023 shows how the soulslike continues to be dramatically improved over time.

This new Lords of the Fallen roadmap of free content is seriously impressive. The Hexworks take on the genre popularized by Dark Souls is seeing more fixes and improvements, but over the next two months it’s also getting new questlines and armor sets, the promised New Game Plus modifiers, new spells, quality-of-life features, and a whole lot more.

I was very much conflicted in my Lords of the Fallen review. It’s a soulslike with some genuinely incredible new ideas that were hamstrung by some poor core design choices. I really enjoyed the Lords of the Fallen reboot, and my review reflects that, but it missed the mark in a few key areas – namely enemy balance and level design.

What I couldn’t have predicted was the extensive, free, post-launch support from CI Games and Hexworks. The teams have been diligently listening to player feedback and fine-tuning the RPG game to such an extent that, by the time they’re done, I think my score will have increased. There are substantial performance improvements, enemy density changes, and even an incredible-sounding New Game Plus mode already planned.

Now there’s a full-on Lords of the Fallen roadmap planned out for the rest of 2023, and there’s so much coming to the game in the next two months that it’ll be an entirely different experience by the time Hexworks is done.

With ongoing weekly enhancements that re-balance the game making a series of smaller but welcome changes over time, there’s also some honest-to-goodness DLC-esque content being dropped on us for free too.

Lords of the Fallen roadmap: a detailed look at what free content is coming to Lords of the Fallen in 2023

Lords of the Fallen roadmap

Loads of content is coming in this Lords of the Fallen roadmap, so I’ve broken down what you can expect to come to the game by the end of 2023, for free.

  • Umbral Armor set and questline
  • Rhogar Armor set and questline
  • Radiant Armor set and questline
  • New spells pack 1
  • New spells pack 2
  • New questline event
  • Inventory expansion
  • Stash inventory expansion
  • New grievous strikes
  • Split PvE and PvP balancing
  • More secret boss weapon abilities
  • Gamepad rebinding
  • New Game Plus modifiers

If it wasn’t already obvious, this number of changes is phenomenal, and could genuinely see Lords of the Fallen have a groundswell of reinvigorated players when all is said and done. Some of these additions could even constitute paid DLC in other games, so having it all come as post-launch support for free is nothing short of amazing.

I cannot wait to see what LOTF looks like once the dust settles, but in the meantime, we’ve put together the best Lords of the Fallen weapons and best Lords of the Fallen classes for you.