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Lords of the Fallen rolls out “substantial performance improvements”

A Lords of the Fallen update for Wednesday October 18 brings the game to its fewest bugs since launch, with numerous crash fixes in the 1.1.203 patch notes.

Lords of the Fallen patch notes 1.1.203 - a figure in a bucket-shaped helmet.

Lords of the Fallen patch notes 1.1.203 are here for the update on Wednesday, October 18, as developer Hexworks announces, “Our bug kill count has reached its highest to date.” The team also says it has “begun to implement more substantial performance issues,” which should improve performance for any graphics cards being pushed to their limits by the game’s current state.

Our own Lords of the Fallen review finds plenty to love, although the third-person soulslike RPG never quite escapes the shadow of being a game like Dark Souls. Unfortunately, it’s also proven to be rather demanding on people’s systems, with performance problems and crash issues for many players. With the arrival of Lords of the Fallen patch 1.1.203, Hexworks says this should begin to change more noticeably.

This latest Lords of the Fallen update includes performance improvements “aimed at freeing up VRAM to provide additional headroom for GPUs that are operating at the limit of their capabilities.” This means that even if you aren’t rocking the best graphics card for gaming, this Unreal Engine 5 powerhouse shouldn’t melt your card any longer. More improvements are planned, although Hexworks adds, “This process is taking some time because we are committed to ensuring that you do not lose any quality.”

With reworks to textures, UI elements, visual effects, and the way memory is allocated behind the scenes, you should see improved performance if your card’s limits were previously being reached, and those on more powerful GPUs will likely benefit from better or more consistent frame rates also.

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Alongside these performance and stability fixes, Hexworks has toned down several bosses and areas in the Lords of the Fallen new game plus mode. “We felt we were too enthusiastic and the previous curve was too steep,” it explains. It has also dramatically reduced the cost of Vestige Seeds in vendor Molhu’s inventory, which is a welcome boon for making those temporary save and rest points around the world.

You can read the full Lords of the Fallen patch notes here on Steam, which also include a change to the maximum online password length to eight characters and additional displays to let you know when you’re trying to equip ammo or a spell that can’t be used.

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