Lost Ark DPS meter isn’t coming anytime soon, devs confirm

Lost Ark players have been asking for a World of Warcraft-style DPS meter since the game's launch, but Smilegate have confirmed no such feature is coming soon

Lost Ark Aeromancer Mage Advanced Class stands with umbrella looking into camera with springtime background

Lost Ark fans have been requesting a DPS meter for some time, but Smilegate have revealed that they have “no plans” to add a World of Warcraft-style DPS meter.

Set in the magical world of Arkesia, Smilegate’s AMMORPG, Lost Ark, quickly cemented itself as one of the best MMOs in recent history. Sporting an ever-growing roster of innovative classes, it continues to go from strength to strength – even pulling off a Witcher 3 crossover only a few months since its Western debut.

One major issue that players have had with the open world dungeon crawler, however, is its lack of DPS meter. With other titles like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV Online integrating the feature with ease, fans have been pleading with Smilegate in an attempt to see something similar in Lost Ark.

Despite these petitions, Smilegate has confirmed that Lost Ark won’t be getting a DPS meter anytime soon.

Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.In fact, Smilegate has shut down the idea twice in recent history. Responding to complaints on the official forum, developer spokesperson Shadow_Fox writes “There are no plans to add a DPS meter in game at this time.

“The team is aware of the feedback but SG feels strongly against adding DPS meters in game.”

This echoes an earlier comment by team member, Roxx, who states “this is something SGR [Smilegate RPG] and Gold River are against, and do not wish to implement. I understand why some folks are interested in these types of tools, but it is not on the table for now.”

While their responses aren’t exactly what players wanted to hear (and they’ve been quick to make that abundantly clear), it looks as though there’s no real hope for a DPS meter in Lost Ark anytime soon.

Stranger things have happened so we’ll keep our fingers crossed, but for now we’ll continue to look forward to all of Lost Ark’s new, unreleased classes – especially the Aeromancer when she finally makes her Western debut.