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Lost Ark October update celebrates Halloween with a haunted house

The Lost Ark October Update is set for October 11, featuring new continent Pleccia, the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid, and a haunted house for Halloween.

Lost Ark October Update - A blonde lady with a witch hat and a rose held in her teeth.

Lost Ark is all about the fashion, the spectacle, and the glamor. Beyond the complexities and nuances of its Guardian Raids, Legion Raids, and other such endgame activities, the Amazon Games MMO is filled with ways to celebrate in style and look great while doing it. So with the spookiest month of the year now underway, it should come as no surprise to find plenty of Halloween-themed specialties in the Lost Ark October update.

The Lost Ark October update arrives Wednesday, October 11. In it, we’ll be heading to a new continent for the Amazon MMORPG – Pleccia. This is a land “of romance, art and freedom,” unlocked at item level 1475, where you’ll meet all manner of unique characters such as the Vediches and the Yoz Illusionists, and explore its ports and prairies. In particular, you’ll be uncovering a mystery surrounding the Vediche family and the priests of Sacria.

Also coming with this next set of Lost Ark patch notes is the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid, which looks to breed heavy competition by offering leaderboards for both the first clear in a region and the fastest clear times. To ensure fair competition, the raid will be made available a few days after the initial patch, beginning on Saturday, October 14 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST / 9pm CEST.

Perhaps the most exciting news, however, is the promise of Halloween festivities. I love dressing up in Lost Ark as much as the rest of its player base appears to, so the arrival of all manner of witch, demon, and other horror-themed outfits is always a good time. In addition to this, developer Smilegate has built a Lost Ark haunted house “as a little treat for our players.”

Lost Ark October update - Graphic showing four events taking place in the next major patch.

“We’ve gathered some of our ‘monsters’ together for one epic event,” the team says. “Celebrate the season by beating multiple Guardians and earning tokens to exchange for Halloween-themed loot.” While we’re sure there will be some spicy premium cosmetics up for grabs, it’s always nice to know that you can earn something festive just for playing.

Whichever of the best Lost Ark classes you favor, there’s sure to be something spooky for you in October – let’s just hope it’s not your position on the tier list. Meanwhile, we’ve picked out the best new MMOs worth playing in 2023 if you’re looking for something fresh to try.